Thursday, June 13, 1957   Vol. C624



East Farewell – The 7th Race Around the Race was run over the weekend and again proved to be great fun for both the racers and the fans alike. The official side of the race had a new record of 73 riders and was run by the youngest entrant ever. Richie Watkins, 16, won the official side of the race in 1 hour 32 minutes. Once again this year the time was not as fast as usual bike races because of the “unofficial” side  of the race where people who were not official entrants “entered” the race along the way for a lap or two in all kinds of contraptions and festively decorated bikes or wheeled contraptions that resemble bicycles.

            This year the unofficial winner was an unorthodox type vehicle. It was technically a tri-cycle but that did not seem to matter. Owner, inventor Ralph Jenkins came up with this machine in his garage. It can only be described as a tricycle with a sail. Jenkins rolled his trike out onto the course at about the fourth lap and ran about a lap and a quarter before the whole thing fell apart in the middle of the track and had to be pushed off to the side by fans.

            Every year the race gets wackier and wackier and the inventive ingenuity of the participants seems to increase every year. It won’t be long before there is a nuclear powered bike on the course.

Jenkins Tricycle



Bedford – The Travelers got back on track in a big way Saturday as they dismantled the Bedford Bears, 10-2. The bats started early and continued through every inning with at least one hit in every inning. The Travelers ended up with a team record of 17 hits. They also set a season record with four homeruns. Every Traveler in the lineup was able to register a hit in the game, another record. This game was a display of offensive power by the Travelers. The homers were all extra run blasts by Cloos (3), Dimero (2), Francis (2) and Brown (3). The defense was top notch, too. The Travelers were able to turn tree double plays and winning pitcher, Danny Lane, was able to strikeout eight hapless Bears.

            The Bears have been having trouble all season. They lost their best hitter, Al Kelly, to a broken foot in the first game and then they lost their star pitcher, Billy Thompson to a torn bicep. They have struggled to score and they have not been able to keep opponents off the board. “So far, this has been a rough season. We lost A.K. in the first game and then we lost Billy T. a couple of weeks later. Along with a lot of other little problems we have been playing catch up all season. It has been really tough but we are still getting dressed for every game and we go out there expecting to win,” said Bears coach, Rob Willis.

            The Travelers continue their road trip next week when they make a stop in Riverview and cast their fate against the Anglers. The game begins at 1:45PM in the Angler Fishbowl (Stadium).



The House passes President Eisenhower’s civil rights bill, sending it to a new battleground in the Senate.

Russia offers to admit western inspectors into the Soviet Union provided agreement is reached on ending hydrogen bomb tests.

Haiti trouble - Angry mobs and looting, burning and stoning in protest against ouster of Provisional President Daniel Fignole turn Port-Au-Prince into a jungle.

Jimmy Hoffa, Midwest boss of the Teamsters Union goes on trial on bribery and conspiracy charges after failing to get a last-minute postponement.

Baseball Commissioner Ford Frick tells Congress that “no one knows” whether the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants will move to the West Coast. He said the deals to move the Dodgers to Los Angeles and the Giants to San Francisco are still under negotiation and he himself couldn’t predict whether the deals would go through.

Music News - At least there’s one teacher who lets her students talk about Elvis Presley. Mae Boren Axton - a Jacksonville, Florida high school teacher says - “In spite of what some have said about the adverse Presley influence on teenagers, I have found the opposite to be true. With the end of school in sight and with warm days urging them to the beach, my high school kids find it a bit difficult to keep their minds on the subjects. So when they become a bit restless, I offer them the privilege of talking about their idol or even permit a record session of his records, if the week is completed with adequately done work. You’d be surprised how enthusiastic they become. The high school crafts teacher has also found that he accomplished a lot by allowing his pupils to work under the Presley influence.”

At the Movies -

The Prince and the Showgirl  Marilyn Monroe, Laurence Olivier

The Miller’s Beautiful Wife – Vittorio DeSica, Sophia Loren

This Could Be The Night - Jean Simons, Paul Douglas, Anthony Franciosa

Dragoon Wells Massacre - Barry Sullivan, Dennis O’Keefe, Mona Freeman, Katy Jurado

Tarzan and the Lost Safari - Gordon Scott as the new Tarzan

The Happy Road - Gene Kelly

The Quiet One - John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara


Published by JD Carroll