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East Farewell – The summer season is ramping up in East Farewell and with a lot of visitors renting cottages and rooms there is a growing amount of laundry to be done because many summer rentals do not have washers or dryers. While some boarding houses have a laundry room many do not. “I put a laundry in the basement several years ago and I think my roomers all say they appreciate it. Still I think the new laundromat is a great idea,” said Mrs. Mallard, who runs a boarding house on Lake Shore Drive.

            Kevin Dresher had an entrepreneurial idea last year after he had moved to East Farewell for a job opportunity. It seems Dresher had rented a room in a boarding house that did offer laundry service and he was forced to travel to Slate Mountain to find a laundromat to do his laundry. He decided that East Farewell need its own laundromat and he set about building one. He was able to secure an empty storefront a block off Lake Shore Drive and set up seven coin operated washers and seven electric dryers. Dresher was working for Cranberry Vending as a mechanic and owner, Lou Vanzetti, helped him out with a startup loan. The “Clean as a Whistle” opened the weekend before Memorial Day and has been open seven days a week ever since. Dresher is also a musician and has played in town at several different establishments. He has since quit his job, with Vanzetti’s blessing, at Cranberry to concentrate on the “Whistle” and sometime in June when he was working the night shift at the Whistle he brought his guitar in and started playing to pass the time. It seems the laundromat has a somewhat captive audience and they took to Dresher’s playing. The word spread through town and people started showing up to listen to Dresher without having any laundry to do. Dresher sensed and opportunity and invited other musicians to join him and soon was setting up a schedule of local performers and drawing a bona-fide audience.

            Now that the summer crowds are starting to grow Dresher has started to post notices around town with schedule of performers at “The Whistle” People are showing up without laundry just to catch the different acts. People who are there to do their laundry are getting some pleasant relief from the boring task and have something more interesting to do than watch the dryer spin. It turns out that the dreaded laundry day has turned into an exciting social event where you can listen to music, meet people and get your clothes clean all at the same time. What an interesting time to be alive.

Clean as a Whistle Laundromat



East Farewell – The Travelers finally got to play a home game last week and they showed the fans that they were glad to be back by keeping the Bears ace “Howlin’” Frank Fowler pretty quiet and wining a much needed game, 5-2. It was evident from the start that the Travelers were comfortable playing on their home field as they opened up with a very quick first inning that had one strike out and one double play. Fowler started off strong by striking out two in the first but he was only able to let out his trademark howl in the first inning. It seemed as if the Travelers were able to read his pitches after the first inning and they were able to have at least one baserunner in every other inning except for the sixth and seventh.

            The Travelers were able to score in the fifth when Dale and Watson singled back to back and then Johnny Cloos unleashed one of his trademark slams leaving Fowler silent and frustrated. The next inning Fowler struck out the side but refrained from his howl. The Bears answered back in the seventh with a two run blast their slugger, Al Rodgers but that was all pitcher Danny Lane gave up all evening. The Travelers were able to put the finishing touches on the eighth with two runs by Billy Sweet and Ralph Francis scoring on a double by Dunham. The Bears were unable to capitalize on ninth inning flurry and left two men on as Lane struck out Deluca to finish off the side and the game.  

            The Travelers stay at home next week when they host CGW (Corning Glass Works) at 1:30 in the Travelers stadium. CGW is sending their ace, Bill “Smoke” Black, with his infamous fastball. The Travelers have been able to slow Black down in the past but he is currently holding a three game winning streak and is the leading the league in strikeouts.



Secretary of State Herter returns to Washington and reports that what Russia really wants is to pull West Berlin into the Iron Curtain and extend Red influence over all Germany..

A southern judge (Tallahassee) hands out life sentences to four white youths convicted of raping a Negro coed. Sentencing came seven weeks after the crime…

James R Hoffa charges that Senator John F. Kennedy was “afraid” to debate labor reform legislation with him on national radio and television. Kennedy says that it is obvious that he could not enter into a public debate “with every individual like Mr. Hoffa, who has consistently misused the American labor movement for his own selfish and improper ends”

Soviet exhibition in New York is attended by President Eisenhower and a number of Soviet officials. On display were models of Sputniks which the President inspected. The turn-out turned-out to be a melee of sorts with about 400 reporters and as many policemen. The display was at the New York Coliseum.

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