Thursday, June 19, 1958   Vol. C677



East Farewell - The missing trolley car has been found on a side track running along the Iron Works. The siding was obscured by the building on one side and overgrowth on the other and was rarely used in the past five years. The siding was connected to the main transit route when the main transit was built with the intention of giving access to the Iron Works and possibly making a transit stop at the Iron Works. The station was never built and the siding was all but abandoned.

The missing trolley car was found in tact at the end of the siding but it is still unclear how it got there. The car was discovered missing from the public transit main train yard two weeks ago. Who moved the car to the siding and how they moved it is still being investigated. The car could not have been driven to the siding without passing many homes and businesses and would have certainly been noticed. One speculation is the car was taken apart, the parts were transported to the end of the siding and the car was reassembled. This is a wild speculation and the motive is unknown but some people have pointed to some members of the senior mechanical engineering class of Regional High School. This may turn out to be one of the most outlandish senior pranks ever conceived and executed.

“We are still investigating this and we are looking at every possibility. There does not seem to be any criminal motivation and the car itself has been recovered intact,” said Detective Frank O’Hara. “We vigorously exploring the possibility of this being a senior prank by Regional High School students but we cannot comment on that lead any further.”

            Wherever the investigation leads the whole caper will certainly remain on the tongues of the townspeople for some time. If it turns out to be a senior prank then it will go down in history as one of the most outrageous senior pranks of all time.

Missing trolley car on siding



Bedford - The Travelers got back into form on Saturday by slipping by the Bedford Bears and their pitching ace, “Howlin” Frank Fowler, 3-2. The win was not the knockout punch Travelers fans had hoped for but getting a win against Fowler is an achievement on its own.

For his part Fowler kept the Travelers in check for the first seven innings. In the top of the seventh Dale Dunham was finally able to poke a single over Bears shortstop, Billy Grant, and get the first Travelers hit of the game. That must have rattled Fowler because he then walked Bobby Watson and Johnny Cloos came to bat. Fowler and Cloos have a long history as opponents and it is fairly balanced on who is the better player. This at bat Cloos came out on top by taking Fowler deep into the count and connecting with a low outside fastball to send it out of the Park. Those three runs were enough to secure the victory for the Travelers. Traveler’s pitcher, Joey Alfred, was able to keep the Bears and check for most of the game only allowing one run in the third and another in the eighth. The Traveler’s defense was strong and committed no errors while the Bears did commit two errors but neither was consequential to the score.

The fact that the Travelers were able to come out and win a tough game against a good team was heartening for Travelers fans after last week’s disappointing show against a much weaker team. Hopefully, this will be the boost they need to get back on track and marched towards the top of the league standings again. Next week they face another tough game when they travel to Corning and face one of the best pitchers in the league in Bill “Smoke” Black. The game is an evening game under the beautiful lights in Corning Park and begins at 7:30.




Tass reports that friction with the thin air of the upper atmosphere has brought Sputnik III and its carrier rocket closer to earth. The craft’s maximum distance from earth had been 1,175 miles and it is now at 1,148 miles. The craft was launched 5 weeks ago.

Paris – Now that the excitement of de Gaulle’s dramatic return is waning, he faces many challenges – the biggest is Algiers, where the general is expected to visit next week. According to observers – he must do two things: satisfy the universal demand of 9 million Algerians for peace, self-government and independence and the equally stubborn demand of the strongly organized and financially and politically strong French settlers that Algeria remain French. Can he satisfy both extremes? In a Gallup Poll taken in France, 8 of out 10 favor Charles de Gaulle’s accession to power in France.

Cuban rebels agree to release at least 40 Americans and Canadians held in the Sierra Maestre Mountains in exchange for assurance that the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo would not help Cuban government military planes.

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