Thursday, June 27, 1957   Vol. C625



East Farewell- The town avoided a full-fledged disaster on Tuesday thanks to the quick thinking of Fire Chief Thomas “Cal” Calhoun.  At approximately 7:00 AM Lou’s Deli, 501 Main, unexpectedly and inexplicably blew up. Debris showered down on Main Street and a huge fire ball rolled into the evening sky. Luckily for everyone the deli was only two blocks down from the fire station. Almost immediately an alarm was sounded and firemen were scrambled. Calhoun arrived on the scene within minutes of the explosion and took charge. He was able to quickly shut down the gas main that fed the block and direct his men to bring the fire under control within eight minutes. The entire structure was demolished but buildings on both sides were spared. The deli was bracketed by a bank and a furniture store and both were closed at the time of the explosion. There was one injury, Miss Monica Shippensport was struck in the head with a ham hock. She was knocked to the ground and suffered cuts and bruises to her head.  She was treated at the scene and sent home to recover further. Miss Shippensport was in the news earlier for other, less catastrophic reasons. She admitted to giving away the Flower Show budget to a con man in the spring. She was sentenced to house arrest and commanded to repay the money. Ironically, last Tuesday was only her third day allowed back on the street. She was walking home from a meeting with her lawyer when she was struck. “I just can’t believe this happened to me. If I was closer I would have been blown to bits. I walking along feeling sorry for myself, I heard the explosion and looked around next thing I know, kapow! This giant hunk of meat hits me in the head and knocks me down. I am feeling like I am the luckiest person in the world right now, a little banged up but still lucky to be alive,” reflected Shippensport to this reporter before she was escorted home.

            It is believed that a gas leak inside the deli caused the explosion but the investigation is ongoing. Owner Lou Myer was in tears out front of the space where his deli used to stand. He had closed the store early because of a family commitment and was called back by Calhoun soon after the fire was brought under control. “This is a tragedy,” sobbed Myer, “I can’t begin to tell you how crushed I am. This deli was my life. Now I have nothing.”

            Many people have already started giving donations to Lou to try and rebuild. Even before he had made any statements a fund was founded at the bank called “Lou’s Deli Fund” and had more than $1000.00 in it through anonymous donations. “We all love Lou and we loved his deli,” said Mrs. Mallard, “I hope he will rebuild and thank goodness no one was seriously injured. How about Monica though, what she doesn’t need right now is a big old ham hitting her in the head. Holy cow, that is some bad luck wrapped in a good luck package. If she was any closer she would have been gone.”

Collapsed Lou’s Deli



East Farewell – The Travelers got back on track as they manhandled the Riverview Anglers, 6-1, as they met the first time this season. The Travelers started off early scoring three runs in the first with back to back singles by Dunham and Watson and then league leading hitter Johnny Cloos tagged his 10th homer. In the sixth the bottom of the order got into the scoring act with Brown smashing a triple followed by a walk by Archibald then a towering center field blast by Billy Sweet. The defense was also very stingy only letting the Anglers get on the board with a single score in the sixth. They were also able to turn three double plays effective killing the Anglers offense.

The Travelers will come home next week to face Corning. The game will begin in the ballpark at 1:05.



Hurricane Audrey batters the Louisiana-Texas coast with 105 mph winds.  Reports say most of the homes in Lake Charles were damaged by winds. 

Ranchers and miners in Nevada claim nuclear tests are threatening the health of their families and livestock. Ranchers as far away as 100 miles from test areas claim increases in blindness, cancer and hair fallout of their livestock. Yet another test was conducted this week from a hot air balloon.

Randolph Churchill (45), only son of Sir Winston Churchill quits, as a contributor to the Evening Standard newspaper in London.  Churchill said the Standard refused to publish a second article defending wire tapping by British security agents. Denouncing Churchill, the paper said “Mr. Churchill’s ideas on this issue are misguided and in complete opposition to the mood at the British Public.”

While appearing at a night club in Detroit, Milton Berle gets robbed of $240.00 back at his hotel. The thief took the cash while Berle was performing.

Published by JD Carroll