Thursday, June 5, 1958   Vol. C675



East Farewell – The long simmering mystery over Romando has all but been solved and the great East Farewell train robbery has the bandits behind bars one would think that things in East Farewell would start to return to some sense of normal but as of Wednesday one would be wrong. Just as soon as everything seemed to clear up a new, more confounding problem arose.

            When yardmaster, Ben Reilly, came into his train yard on Monday he started his usual inspection of all the cars that serve the EFTA (East Farewell Transit Authority). Much to his surprise an entire car was missing! The cars are usually parked in the yard on the tracks when the system is shut down every night at 11:59PM. The entire fleet of 20 cars is stored in the train yard that is located outside of town near the new Turnpike. The yard is enclosed with a 10 foot fence with a locked gate. There are no lights focused on the yard since it is in view of the Turnpike and it was thought that that may cause a visibility problem for drivers on the Turnpike. There is no 24 hour security and the yard does not have any patrol dogs inside. While the security may seem lax the only thing in the yard besides the cars is a small shop that is used by maintenance workers for car repair. Also, the cars cannot be moved by themselves, they need power via the central power unit that controls the entire system. That power is in standby when the system is shut down and there is not enough power to move any cars. At least that is what everyone thought.

            Reilly was doing his daily inventory on Monday morning at 5:00AM when he realized there was a car missing. There was no sign of the car being driven off and no visible tracks outside the existing tracks that feed the system. “It’s as if the car just disappeared,” Reilly told police, “There are no signs of forced entry into the yard and no way I can think of that they could get the car out without leaving some signs.”

            The police are scouring over the scene but so far have not turned up anything. There are many unanswered questions, the first of which is why would someone do this? They can’t very well sell the car and they can’t use it on another line and they can’t show it off on their front lawn as a trophy. “Right now we are looking into the possibility of taking the car apart and selling it for scrap, but that would be an enormous job and require a very sophisticated set of skills to accomplish,” said Detective Frank O’Hara, “We are looking at all the possible angles and we are going to figure this one out. Right now, I don’t have any solid answers but we will find out what happened.”

            If anyone has any information about this crime please contact the East Farewell Police Department.

Typical EFTA trolley car



East Farewell – The Travelers started to work their way back up the standings on Saturday by whipping the Bear Creek Cubs, 8-2. The Cubs were unable to get on track and were only able to garner six hits in the entire game. Traveler’s pitcher, Danny Lane, racked up 10 strikeouts and was very sharp using his new and improved curveball to confound Bear hitters all day. The Traveler’s defense was also very sharp turning two double plays and only allowing three runners to advance past first.

            Lane started off fast by striking out the first four batters and not letting a Bear reach base until the fourth inning. On the other side, Traveler’s bats jumped on Bear’s pitcher, Hillman Rochester, for three runs in the first inning and the three in in the third. Johnny Cloos was able to drive in Dimero and Brown in the third with his 15th homerun of the season. The Bears were only able break up Lane’s control when in the eight Bear slugger, Joe Gaspar was able to connect with one of Lane’s fastballs and drive it out over the centerfield wall. That drive also scored Ronny Boyd who had reached first on a strong drive into right. Those back to back hits were basically all the offense the Bears could muster. Lane settled down after the homer and struck out the next two batters.

            The win was a good beginning for the four game home stand, the longest home stand of the season, and if the Travelers win all five they will move back into the top of the standings in the league. Next week the Travelers face the Ondita Cougars and their pitching ace Sam ‘Cat’ Caterno. The game begins at 1:30 on Saturday at the ballpark.




President Eisenhower declares he likes Gen Charles de Gaulle and recalled “a long experience of friendly contact with him” from World War II to 1952.

Gen. Charles de Gaulle and the leaders of Parliament meet in secret at the direction of President Rene Coty to seek a way of putting de Gaulle in power. Parliament, where de Gaulle has little strength, was the legal stumbling block.

Gen. Charles de Gaulle agrees to form a new French government but insists he must have full powers to head off civil war.

A violent demonstration against Charles de Gaulle erupts in Paris shortly before he and his wife arrive in the tense capital. De Gaulle conferred at his home during the day with leaders of the strategically placed Socialist Party, then headed for the capital with his wife, their car filled with luggage.

Russian President Klementi Voroshilov tells newsmen at a Finish Embassy reception “we have reasons to think that de Gaulle’s return at this time may do more harm than good.”

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