Vaporizers are becoming more and more common in the last three or so years. The use of vaporizers has gone mainstream and more and more people are picking up the habit every day. As a person who is used to vaping, I can offer you useful information on this habit and help any novice to adapt quickly and learn the trade. For those who are new to vaping, all I can say is welcome to the bandwagon.

Vape brands in the markets are currently numerous. Getting to choose from one can be a daunting task for even the experienced vaper. You can however visit slickvapes and get attractive deals on vaporizers. This article is written specifically for novices and experienced vapers who do not know where to start when shopping for a vaporizer. For those who prefer lighter and less bulky devices, you can always opt for a dab pen.

Here are my top picks of the best brands of vaporizer you can get;

1. Crafty Vaporizer

Although crafty is a new brand in the game, it has managed to compete with other top brands. Crafty vaporizer is very easy to use. It has one button and the rest of the controls are delegated to the app. The app allows you to adjust the temperature of the heating chamber to suit your needs. It is well constructed and would not give you cleaning problems.

This is a portable vaporizer and it is very sizable. The vaporizer can easily be carried in the palm or be shoved into the pocket without any discomfort. For charging purposes, it is fitted with a USB charging slot.

This vaporizer’s only fault is the battery. First of all, the battery cannot be replaced and its durability is a disappointing for a top brand.

2. Pax 3 Vaporizer

The Pax 3 has a lot of improvements from previous version. It is slightly heavier but effective at the same time. It also features a more refined look better than the Pax 2. The battery of the Pax 3 is more sophisticated at 3500mAH compared to the Pax2’s 3000mAH. The preheating time for the Pax 3 averages 15-20 second which is an incredible performance.

The Pax 3 has an app which you can use to control the temperature of your vapor. You can select heating profiles, change color themes and lock the LED lights using the app. The Pax 3 performs excellently in all sectors and a price of about $320 is a fair charge for a piece.

3. Davinci IQ Vaporizer

The Davinci vaporizer is another incredible device that offers you great service in a well thought out price. The main attraction about this vaporizer is its ability to maintain a sublime taste of vape even at very low temperatures. The IQ is perfectly made to fit the palm making it efficiently portable. I have used the IQ several times and the experience is just awesome.

The IQ has one of the best vaporizer designs currently. It does not have any button. However, with all the above qualities, the IQ takes a long time to heat up (45 minutes). It also takes a long time to charge with the most difficult time being when the battery is at zero percent.

4. Mighty Vaporizer

The mighty vaporizer is known in the market for its ruggedness and long-lasting battery. It is not the smallest vaporizer and is not as sleek as the IQ but it sure lasts many more sessions than other brands. A full charge can last an average of eight sessions.

The mighty vaporizer might be large but it is the best decision for an excursion and hanging out. A full charge of the Mighty vaporizer can last up to a day. It is one of the best vaporizers for dry herb.

This vaporizer lacks a USB charging option and it can only be charged through an AC outlet. It is also somehow bulky and you will need to carry it in a backpack when moving with it.

5. Grasshopper Vaporizer

The grasshopper vaporizer is included in this list because it is the lightest and most portable vaporizer you can buy currently. Most vapers including me like having a vaporizer which is small and does not add weight to your pocket. This vaporizer is the size of a pen. Do not judge this device’s performance based on the size as it gets heated up in a mere 10 seconds. It however gets hot if used for a prolonged amount of time so it is not suitable for group use.

6. Haze Duel

The haze duel comes with two chambers therefore allowing you to have access to twice the amount of e-liquid than other brands offer. These vaporizers are also a bit large compared with the other brands I have mentioned but you are guaranteed variety. It however takes a long time to heat and can slow your sessions down.

7. Prohibited 5th Degree

The prohibited 5th degree vaporizer is an impressive device which matches all the above-named devices but costs much lower than them. It is a good alternative to the Pac 3. The main aim of the producers of this vaporizer was to make a good device while keeping the price down and they succeeded at it.

It has an impressive vapor production and a good battery and deserves to be named in the top brands of vaporizers.

Published by Samantha Brown