Pune is a city that is surrounded by Ghats and ranges that instantly pop the idea of trekking and camping in your head. If you have spent the last five days of your week in front of your work desk or slogging in college then the weekend would be just the ideal time for you to explore some of the amazing camping sites in and Pune. Some of these sites are at a slight distance from Pune but the fabulous drive up to them will make up for the distance for sure.

1. Sinhgarh Fort

You simply cannot have a list like this and not have Sinhgarh in it. One of the most popular camping sites in Pune, this place is perfect for setting up your tent with friends. It is 32 km from the city and has a bit of history attached to it as well. Earlier known as Kondana, the fort is almost 2000 years old and is surrounded by steep slopes. The entire trek which starts from Sinhgarh village will take you to the fort in an hour and once you reach the top you can see a gorgeous view of the valley below.

2. Velhe

Velhe is a quiet little place that lets you enjoy a host of activities along with camping. The place is 46 km from Pune but the tranquility of the place will give you the required break that we all need in our hectic lives. Trek up to Torna Fort and spent the night gazing at the celestial beauties in the sky while you set up camp and roast some marshmallows over the campfire. Do not forget to carry with you your football and cricket gear for you can try out all these activities here as well.

3. Bhor

Bhor is, in fact, one of the popular camping sites in Pune, with it being featured in several Bollywood movies and telly serials. The fresh air, green foliage and the picturesque bridge here which is just what you need for your Instagram feed, give this site several brownie points. Bhor gives you a chance to explore a lot of activities while you are camping there, like a bonfire, kayaking, skywalk, zorbing, and ziplining. You would obviously be taking your friends along with, so keep cricket, football, and volleyball on your to-do list.

4. Lonavala

Don't let the distance of 66 km from Pune deter you from going camping to Lonavala. Salubrious forest, lakes and the serene surroundings at Lonavala will make you set up camp here till eternity. Some popular attractions await you here along with your trek to the Lohagarh Fort. You can visit the Karla Caves, Bhaja caves and Lion’s Point while you are here. Enjoy a good jamming session with your buddies around a campfire and do not forget to do some waterfall rappelling.

5. Khopoli

Khopoli is a perfect blend of quiet interspersed with settlement areas and that is why it makes it to the list of most campers. Agreed, it is a wee bit far away but when you are out for an adventure, a little distance does not matter at all. After all, the whole idea behind camping is to get away from the ruckus of the city. Khopoli is also known for its cascading waterfalls which should be one compelling reason for you to carry your DSLR with you.

6. Kaas Plateau

All you ladies harboring thoughts deep within of clicking amazing pics amidst a valley of flowers need to sit up and make a note of this place. You will get to see as many as 850 species of flowers at this valley of flowers. Camping here will rejuvenate your senses and will make you appreciate the bounties of nature to the fullest. It is the perfect place to spread out a sheet and relax with a good book in hand and a beer by your side.

7. Uttan

Uttan which is 180 km from Pune is a dream campsite with its dense foliage, a shoreline that offers a perfect complimentary attraction and delectable food available at the site. There are several good camping resorts here and a day's trip to Uttan is totally worth it for the experience it offers. At these camping resorts, you can engage in some nature and heritage walks, zorbing, paintball, archery, and valley crossing. If you plan ahead and go on some specific days you can even attend some band performances that are organized by the resorts.

Published by Mohaned Gadnne