The popularity of custom phone cases has increased tremendously. They not only protect our phones but also add beauty to it. There was a time when customization was limited to just a few products like key chains, mugs, etc. But a sudden rise in this trend has totally changed the whole scenario to what looks like a subtle revolution. 

We live in a world where everyone wants to add their imaginations to products. They are so obsessed with their favorite celebrities and their respective lifestyles that they want to have everything just like them. This obsession has made a lot of companies come up with the thought of inserting the element of personalization in every possible product. If you search the internet, you will hardly find any product that you cannot create with your own design. In fact, a lot of companies have their own customized tools through which you can create your own products within minutes. 

Since customization is now accessible to every single individual, you definitely want to make your product look more unique and beautiful. To help you out with the creation techniques of unique mobile covers, we have come up with this guide where we will share some creative ways to make your own mobile cover within your budget. Let’s get started!

1. Marbleize a clear case:

We have all seen the usage of marble in home décor. But now the trend can be seen on mobile covers as well. Having a phone case made up of original marble can be a little risky, but you can give your phone case a marble look with this simple DIY. All you have to do is just take a plain white plastic case. Then drop nail paint droplets into a bowl of water. To create a marble effect on the surface of the water, swirl the polish using a toothpick or a small paintbrush. Gently immerse the top surface of the phone case in the water so that the nail paint starts adhering to the case. Once the case is fully covered with colors, take it out from the water and let it dry for a few minutes.

Tip: Use three complimentary nail paints for best results. 

2. Cross-stitch pattern:

Cross stitch is an old-age craft that is famous globally. Earlier it was limited to fabrics, but now you can use this craft to create custom phone cases. One interesting thing about the cross stitch pattern is that they are great conversation starters. It reminds people of old times when their grandmothers might have taught them how to cross-stitch. 

So, if you want a case that makes others start a fun conversation every time you hold your phone up, then cross stitch pattern design can be a great option for you. This design idea is also a great way to combine the old-age craft of cross stitching with modern technology. To create a cross-stitch patterned phone case, get a blank cross stitch case. Create a design of your own simply like the way cross stitching is done on fabric and you are done. Yayy!!

3. Bold patterns with Washi tape:

Bold patterns have always been in trend. Artists and designers are using it in fashion, graphic designing, home décor, etc. This trend has apparently hosted phone cases too. To add bold patterns to your mobile cover, use washi tape – a decorative thin and durable paper masking tape made of natural fibers like bamboo and hemp. It adds fun details to craft projects and is relatively low-priced. So what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest craft store, buy washi tapes with different patterns and colors, and create a personalized phone case

4. Add some glitter:

Glitters have always been a crucial part of craft projects. Why not use it to make a uniquely personalized phone case? To create a glitter mobile cover, you need to first clean the case with soap or water. Even if it’s a new case, clean it once so that there is absolutely no dirt left on it. Paint the cover with glue, so that the glitter can settle on it.

Pour glitter and leave it for two minutes. Tip-over the cover and allow excess glitter to fall away. Repeat the process, if necessary. If you have an already existing design on the cover and you don’t want to add glitter to it, cover the design with tape so that the glitter doesn’t fall on it. Remove it once you add glitter to the desired areas.

Tip: If your mobile cover looks a bit tacky after drying, use a high gloss clear acrylic spray to seal the case and remove the tackiness. 

5. Experiment with pressed flowers:

Just like glitters, pressed flowers have also been used to make a lot of craft projects. To create a pressed flower phone case, get some dry flowers from your garden or nearby market. If you do not find them, you can put some pretty flowers inside your book and leave it for a few days. Take your dried flowers and lay them on wax paper. Paint a thorough coat of spray paint on both sides of the flowers.

Now you need to prepare the resin. This is the most important step. Follow all the instructions mentioned on the resin kit strictly. Pour a small amount of resin on your mobile cover. Don’t pour too much resin. Spread it carefully with your craft stick. Place your flowers on the wet resin. Do another coating with resin over the flowers. Voila! You now have a pressed flower phone case.

6. Make use of craft paper:

Craft papers are amazing. By using them, you can create so many things, including your mobile cover. The best thing about using craft paper on your mobile cover is that when you get bored, you can change it anytime. To get started, take a plain phone case and a craft paper of a design you love. Cut the paper as per the size of your phone case. Place the paper inside the case, and you are done! Use your fingers to smooth the edges.

7. Add pearls to your phone cover:

Pearl mobile covers look very chic, and it’s easy to create them. Take a plain mobile cover. Place the pearls on it to check where they will look best. Once you finalize the placement of the pearls, fix them permanently on the plain cover with jewelry glue, and it’s done. What a great way to make your mobile cover look beautiful as well as expensive!


Creative mobile covers are all the rage these days. Even the high-fashion brands are getting into creating creative mobile covers. This has transformed mobile covers from a practical accessory to a fashion and personality statement. So go ahead, choose the best design and create a great personalized mobile cover for your mobile phone. Good Luck!

Published by Syed Mohammad Anwer