If you want to try some finger licking dishes at home, here are some options.

Crab Curry

This place is a sea food specialist and thus serves you the best crab curry in the entire world. The crab meat is cooked with sliced potatoes, onions and ginger. If you want it spicy, they will add a bit of red chilli into it.

Prawn Malai

Another delicious sea food preparation to die for! Prawns are lightly fried and then cooked with coconut milk.  Mustard seed paste and other spices are used to add more flavours. This is a dry curry which goes perfectly well with steamed rice.

Laal Maas

This one is also a favourite non veg dish of Rajasthan. The main ingredient for this spicy dish is the dried red chillies. From this comes the name of the dish as well. This one goes very well with a plate of plain white rice or bajra rotis. The combination is absolutely lethal.

Seekh Kebabs

It is also said that the food palate of India has a great influence of Mughlai cuisines as well. One can get the best Mughlai servings in many parts of this country and they will not lose in taste if they try Mughlai dishes here.  Seekh Kebab is one of the dishes which is available mostly here and is very popular as well. Here a well minced meat is wrapped and served and when it melts in your mouth your taste buds die to have more. If you are a non-vegetarian, then this dish is a must try here.

Kolhapuri Mutton Rasa

If you are a spice lover and love to have meat, then this dish is definitely for you. As the name suggests Kolhapur, then one should know that this place is famous for using chillies in their dishes. Almost every dish they cook is hot and spicy. This one is also not an exception and is absolutely not for those who cannot handle spicy dishes. The dish is full of dried red and green chillies but the taste of this dish is out of the world.

Keema Kaleji

This is a traditional dish of this region which has its origin in the state of Maharashtra. This one is a fiery curry which is cooked with chicken and some special spices. This one is a must try if you can handle hot and spicy dishes.

Pilaf with Peas and Carrots

Pulao is a very common dish which is made in almost every corner of India. This dish is specifically a local recipe of every state. Pulao is locally known as Pilaf, and in many parts of India, it is mainly made with aromatic and long Basmati rice. Light spices are added to it while cooking like cumin seeds, bay leaves, chopped garlic, whole cloves and onions. Then carrots and peas are used to garnish this dish. The main high point of this dish is its aroma and the flavour. However, this dish is not meant to be eaten alone. Local people always combine Raita with the Pilaf.

One can download a recipe app on their smartphones to cook new dishes.

Published by sandeep Malik