“The sleep is the best meditation” Yes, the quote is absolutely true.

A good sleep does wonders for your body and brain. Improving your sleep quality helps your body to revitalize the damaged cells during the night. Most of your daily activity has a profound effect on your sleep. A better sleep helps you to stay active, mentally sharp, and emotional balance throughout the day.

Being known for the good sleep benefits is not enough, you need to practice it too. You must have thought “ How can I fall asleep instantly?”

Well, let's find out 7 easy ways to sleep better and faster.

  • Make a sleep routine - Body has its own time clock which acts according to your daily habits. Monks don’t need alarms to wake up or sleep they train the body to react as per their routine. Having a schedule makes it easier for a body to understand your needs. Setting a time to sleep and wake every day will help the body to develop a routine for itself. This way sleep issues will go away, allowing you to sleep faster and better than before.
  • Comfortable sleep needs - To enjoy a good night sleep you need to know your sleep needs. A warm comfy bed is a basic need to acquire a good sleep. A mattress should not be too warm or too cold for you. Also, should not be too hard or soft. Every human body is different and so is their mattress needs. There is a high chance of having discontinued sleep if you are not comfortable on your bed. You cannot change your mattress often, therefore, choose a mattress wisely.
  • Favorable environment - Your bedroom should be dark, cool, and quite. A perfect bedroom is a place where you can relax and enjoy a sound sleep. Make sure there is no disturbance from the outside noise and light. You can use bedroom fragrances to make the environment more pleasant. Smelling mild fragrance reduces the stress and triggers the brain to calm down and relax. Aromatherapy works exactly this way.
  • Eating habits - Whatever we eat during the day has an effect on sleep quality. Therefore you should be careful with your eating habits. Caffeine and smoking are enemies of your sleep. Avoid having too much of these especially before bedtime. Also, eating heavy meals and alcohol causes sleep troubles. Avoid drinking more liquid during the evening as you may not want to wake up in the middle of your sleep to visit the washroom again n again. A healthy diet promotes your sleep quality and allows you to sleep better.
  • Physical exercise - People who exercise regularly during the day gets good sleep compared to the others. A gentle yoga session or stretch exercise promotes the sleep. Exercising allow the body to loosen up and relax which results in better sleep. Heavy work out session should be done at least three hours before you sleep else it may interfere with your sleep cycle.
  • Mental Exercise - Your daytime mental stress and emotions manipulate your brain to worry during the sleep hours. There is nothing productive about this stress but blocks your thought process causing sleep struggle. During your sleep, the brain analyzes the whole day events and sync the information to store in your memory. Reading and listening to music is the best exercise to do before your bedtime.
  • Pre-sleep relaxation - The ultimate goal of sleeping is to relax your body and mind. You may wake up in the middle of your sleep but falling back asleep is important. The whole point of sleeping is to rest enough to retain your energy for the next day. Adding a pre-sleep breathing exercise or meditation to your routine will improve sleep quality. As much as you heal yourself during sleep, the fresher you look in the morning.

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