Look in the mirror, that's only your competitor. Your mind will believe that you continuously tell it. So tell it that you're beautifully gorgeous, smart, ambitious, and not afraid to carry this attitude till your last breath.”

The millennial women better understand the power of looking great. Henceforth, they never let anything go untried to enhance their beauty. However, some of them get their leg behind, when it comes to following the day-to-day beauty regime. If you are also one of them, finding it hard to choose among the tons of beauty related tips flooded on the internet, you can check Zula. Zula is basically a female website and has a YouTube channel for millennials that shares effective beauty tips (hair, make up, and skin) for today's women.

To start with, here we have some selected beauty tips for the millennial women.

1. Diet

What you eat is what you are so, never underestimate the power of a good diet. It prevents to detoxify your body in many ways and keep you healthy and beautiful internally. Whatever you will put in your body will, it will show on our skin and body.

2. Moisturize

Regular miniaturization keeps your body healthy and fresh. Whether its winter or summer, your body should not look dry. Moisturize it every single day and night. Use a good quality cream.

3. Apply SPF

No matter whether you are 18 or 32. Women of all the ages have a right to look beautiful. So, when your age isn't in your control, layer your SPF. Firstly, start with the regular sunscreen, afterward, use an SPF infused foundation and compact. That way you will be beautifully covered.

4. Drink a lot of water

60% of our body is comprised of water. But do you know that any given day you lose 64 ounces of water through perspiration (16 ounces from your feet alone)? So, every woman should drink 90 ounces (11 cups) of fluids per day. It will not just keep your body hydrated but also bring a natural glow on skin.

5. Vitamins

Vitamins help fight radicals, especially vitamin C. It not just maintain the collagen but also promote nail growth and keep your nails healthy and strong at the same time. But before you start taking it, consult a doctor first.

6. Wash off your make up before sleeping

Say a big no to any type of makeup while sleeping. Before you hit the bed, remove all the makeups, wash your face properly, apply a light moisturizer, if needed and take a complete sleep.

7. Light is more (27-35)

Between the age of 27-35. Follow a proper beauty routine that suits you best according to your skin and beauty type and go for the light experiments.

Stay Young, Bold and Beautiful!

Published by Erika Rhea