Every year we are excited and nervous when our kid’s birthdays are coming up. If planning your kid’s birthday party has you feeling overwhelmed, here are some clever hacks to save your day!

1. Balloons:
Balloons are must for every birthday party. You can get a DIY balloon kit that comes in with a helium tank and makes floating balloons as well. You can have them dangling up from the ceiling, have a balloon drop, and you can even dip them in glitter to create a beautiful look!

2. Digital Invites:
Thanks to the digital era, sending a birthday invite has become so easy. Instead of handwriting all the invites, and having them send over was an effort taking and time taking task. But thanks to the technology, sending an invite is now as easy as pushing a button. You can either send the invites in a group, or have service like e-invite that takes care of all your invite needs, and also creates a Facebook event to notify the guests you want to invite!

3. Face Painting:
Face painting has become a staple of kid’s birthday parties. Face painting is very simple. All you need is a few stamps and a paint kit. Dip the stamps in the desired color and voila! You have a perfect design and a happy child in front of you!

4. Decorating with Neon Letters:
Neon letters and neon decoration is fashionably in these days. Kids, as well as adults, love the neon decorations. Decorating your house with neon balloons and having neon drinks is a wonderful way to give a new theme to your party. You can also have neon light sticks for the kids. Another idea of having a very cool party is to have a black backdrop, and cutting letters and age numbers out of neon colored paper and pasting on the backdrop. You can also have different designs cut out of the paper and have a fantastic looking back-drop for your party!

5. Having Fun Activities:
Having fun activities at the party can also be a hassle-free way to engage the kids. There a so many party games that you can include at your party like, musical chairs, decorate your cupcake, blind man’s bluff, having the piñata or even a tie-dye activity. There’s no better way to streamline a party than to have it full of activities for kids beforehand.

6. Party Food as Favors:
If you are serving cookies or cupcakes or any kind of bite-sized food, prepare a little extra, pack them in a neat wrapping, and add them, to the favor bag. Kids will love an extra treat after the party!

7. DIY Photo Booth:
You don’t need to spend on a professional photographer. Create your own photo booth, using a beautiful back-drop, or if it is an outdoor party, use a natural scenic back-drop and ask the parents to take photos of their kids with their phones or you can do the same too!

Published by Arina Smith