The energy of habit is the corner stone of good discipline. Discipline is vital to have when cultivating a fit and healthy body.

I've been a supporter of Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and I couldn't help wonder if these same exact habits are applicable in fitness.

After doing some correlating, I ran across some fascinating things. Some tips about what I discovered.

The Private Victory of fitness is made up of the first 3 habits that lead to independence.

Habit 1: Be proactive

Being proactive in your fitness is all about getting the initiative and responsibility to participate in the activity of physical activity of your desire. With or without assistance from others.

If you want to enter a sport, activity or recreation badly enough, don't let solitude, isolation or lack of money stop you. I've learned several styles of martial on my own initiative by trying to find information and experimentation through just exploring those styles through practice.

As long as you have the genuine desire and a mind to understand with, you are able to just start.

Habit 2: Begin with the conclusion at heart

This isn't almost having a target but alternatively, having a target that inspires you.

So, for you yourself to manage to achieve your private victory in your fitness, base your programs, exercises, workouts and training sessions towards what you genuinely wish to achieve along with your body.

What do you want to manage to do with the body? 
What inspires you to the level that you yourself want to embody those skills or abilities? 
What can you aspire to by developing or improving a specific skill, sport or physical activity?

In the event that you master this habit of envisioning exactly what you need in your fitness and why, then every exercise, routine or workout you choose will naturally compel you.

Habit 3: Make first things first

In order for fitness to become a way of life it needs to be prioritised. So, in order to make fitness first in your life, you either make it first in your heart or first on the clock.

What do After all by that? If your fitness is aimed at exercising session or workout routine around a sport or physical activity you're truly inspired and passionate about, then you definitely may find a schedule that you know deep down you'll manage to commit to consistently.

On one other hand, if your fitness is anything less than a burning passion and you struggle showing up, then you definitely need certainly to prioritise it in your entire day by either doing it initial thing in the morning or if you can, initial thing as soon as you come home or just after work. Make it the very first thing when you move on to whatever else and you should have one less excuse.


Published by Samantha Brown