To all travel lovers out there here is the list of the 10 most inspiring places that I have visited and would like to share with you:

1. London: London is a business city and there is nothing inspiring about that. So why is it on the first one on the list? Well, if you go to the Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens and find the Peter Pan statute in the middle of the park - you can feel the magic and inspiration all around you. What can inspire more than a story about a boy that never wanted to grow up? I am sure most of us can relate to that one!

2. Paris: Paris like London is one of the cities that you either really love or really hate. Whichever side you tend to lean more you cannot make the decision without having been to Montmartre! There is nothing more beautiful than the view of Paris from Cathedrale Sacre Coeur! The artists, painters, writers used to live in the quartier de Montmartre for a reason! If you haven't been there yet, hurry and plan your next trip to Paris!

3. Verona: Oh Verona! Beautiful and the most romantic city! The city that told us the story of Romeo and Juliet, broke and mended many hearts and has given us faith in true love! Advice: If you have never been to Verona, go in summer during the Opera festival to have the full experience of the city!

4.Stockholm: Stockholm's charm is very exquisite and refined! If you are a big traveller and like taking in the culture of the city, you would love this royal city of Norther Europe! I have been there recently and have fallen in love with the city and people and will most definitely come back there any given day!

5. Estoril: Estoril is a magical place in Portugal. A perfect place for a couple's weekend by the ocean. Excellent wine and dine options, perfect atmosphere of calm and extremely warm weather! Tip: travel in early spring, trust it is warm enough even for a swim!

6. Montreux: Many famous and infamous writers came to Montreux for inspiration, and wrote their novels by the beautiful lake. Surrounded by fresh air, delicious food and amazing culture - you will find your perfect escape in Montreux. And if you feel like having a party later at night there are a few options for you as well. Best time to visit: Montreux Christmas Market  (November-December), Montreux Jazz Festival (early July).


Published by Karina Saakyan