Social media has become an important tool for all kinds of individuals, whether professionals or artists. In this article, we are discussing how people can promote music on social media channels. Popular musicians and other artists use these networks to connect with their audience but beginners can also use social media to popularize their creations. The platform provides them with an opportunity to showcase their talent in front of the whole world without needing to invest too many resources.

A new Canadian rock band hired a professional agency known for logo design in Vancouver to design their band’s emblem. The firm also had a digital marketing wing and a chance meeting with an executive helped the group understand how social channels can be used for promotions. Let’s see how the band created their social media strategy for music promotions. 

1. Understand The Target Audience

The first step is to understand the target audience. This will be helpful in identifying the kind of promotional devices that will connect with them. The Canadian rock band studied the people frequenting the social media pages of groups which were offering music which was similar to theirs. They assessed the demographic details like gender, education levels, and the location of the followers. This helped them understand the preferences of the audience and the kind of content that will resonate with them.

2. Identify the Most Suitable Platforms

An amateur musician or a group must focus on a few networks rather than try to create a presence on all social avenues. The research conducted in the earlier step will give a fair idea about the social sites that the target audience prefers. Some channels will be popular among a particular age group while some find more followers among people of a specific gender. Identify all the suitable channels and create profiles on them. 

3. Create A Strategy With Consistent Elements

Each platform is unique with its own strengths and weaknesses. Musicians need to create separate plans for each of them according to their nature. However, they must ensure that the overall strategy to promote music on social media has some consistent elements. For example, the images used for promoting an album must be the same across all networks. The artist or the group must try to attain visual consistency across all platforms they are active on. This will help followers recognize them in a better manner.

4. Post Regularly On All Platforms To Get Followers

The Canadian band which approached the logo and website design firm in Vancouver was advised by digital marketing experts to post regularly on their chosen platforms. All budding musicians must follow this advice but they must ensure that the content has some value for the audience. Moreover, they must keep in mind the nature of the network while posting. For example, photos and small clips will work on Instagram while on Facebook detailed content can be posted.

5. Get In Touch With Influencers

The next step is to contact the top influencers in the music industry on each network. These individuals have a large following and people trust their recommendations. Artists can send samples of their work to influencers and if they like the music, they will share it on their accounts. This can popularize an artist or a group in a quick time.

6. Use Personalization Tactics To Connect With The Audience

Personalization holds the key to connect with the audience. Musicians can respond to the comments left by their fans by using their first names in the reply. They can also create video messages to give a personal touch to their communication.

7. Incentivize The Process Of Sharing Content

People using social platforms for promotion ask their followers to share the content with their friends. Musicians can use the same strategy and make it more attractive by offering an incentive. Artists can ask their fans to come up with their next album’s name and offer free downloads or concert tickets as a prize.


Artists must promote music on social media but remember that they need to post interesting content to build a personal connection with the audience. A constant stream of promotional material will put off followers instead of engaging them.

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