Friends is a series that remains unforgettable! All of us have loved it to the core with all its characters and situations. Surely all the characters have taught us all, lot many lessons to ponder and inculcate in our lives. :)

1. Friends are family
Friends are the family which we choose for ourselves. True friends, like a family, remain together and always have each other's back . They care for each other and  the bond of friends remains an ever lasting one. 

2. It is okay to be weird
If you are the crazy one in your pack, then surely PHOEBE would be your inspiration. She taught us the golden lesson of being comfortable with whatever amount of weirdness you are packed with. She followed her passion for music (however absurd it sounded) and lived the way she wanted. She taught us to embrace madness and not care about rationality too much! :)

3. Life is full uncertainity
Monica and Chandler surely showed us how life can hit you and that too like a truck. Chandelier who feared commitment due to his parents divorce never would have thought of the relationship he would grow into with Monica! But life just happens with its twists and turns. Mondler today be #RelationshipGoals! There is no plan to life and things happen as they are destined to be!

4. Hard-work takes you everywhere
All the characters grew through the ten seasons to become perfect in the fields they practiced! Who else but Rachel is a befitting example. The way she left her high priced life for something ordinary like a waitress, truly paid her off later. From Soap-opera stars to head chefs to managers, all of them persevered their way through life to become the perfect versions of themselves.

5. Family forms the weirdest bonds
Monica and Ross shared the perfect brother-sister bond doing weird things all through the show! The crazy memories they had of each other and the crazy secrets they kept were  a treat to witness. And who can forget the goofy MONICA-ROUTINE they had, the perfect absurd fun they enjoyed! 

6. Friendship is stronger than love

Though love has its ups and down, friendship sails a smoother journey. The bond of Chandler and Joey is surely the sweetest to witness. The way they enjoy every little thing, do weird stuff together and stay with each other through thick and thin is something that inspires us all! 

7.  Friends can get you through anything and everything
Whether it is divorce (3 times) or a jellyfish sting or the sorrow of breaking up or worse even, getting fired, friends sail you through all of this! You don't need to ask them because they are always there for you, supporting you and pushing you further high in life! Friends are non-replaceable, perfect people who are the best, when around! :)

Published by Mridul Bedi