Home is where the heart is. House's are made of bricks and walls but Home is made of love and smile. It takes few months or years to built a House but it takes an Artist to create a Home. Artist - The Woman who converts house into home. Life is beautiful when a Home is Beautiful.

Take a ride towards Seven Most Expensive Houses of Bollywood Actors in India.

1. King of Bollywood - Sharukh Khan's House

Beautiful and expensive house, Approx Value 200 chores, 2nd richest actor in Bollywood, named Heritage House

​2. Big B - Amitabh Bachchan's House

Mr Bachchan - Jalsa Mansion, where family resides, Approx value of the house 112 crores

​3. Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood - Aamir Khan's House

Aamir Khan - Mr Perfectionist - Approx value of the house - 60 crores


4.  Dabang Khan - Salman Khan's House

Famous Indian Actor - Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan known as Salman Khan owns Galaxy Apartments worth16 crores

5. International Khiladi - Akshay Kumar's House

Hari Om Bhatia, famously known as Akshay Kumar owns a sea facing house

​6. Chocolate Boy - Ranbir Kapoor's House

Bollywood Young Current Heartthrob RK owns a house located in Krishna Raj

​7. Bike Lover - John Abraham's House

Model, actor, producer - John's Abraham owns an extremely expensive penthouse


Just like any other countries, celebrities in India are known to be the bearer's of the sleekest and the most expensive assets the world has to offer. Good examples are their houses.

Published by Jeevika Keswani