If you have a teenage daughter who is currently dabbling in modelling and she sees herself pursuing it for the long haul, you can help her in a number of ways. One is by signing her up with a good teen modelling agency. Another is by ensuring her advantage in the industry by improving her skills and providing her with the education she needs to support her professional and personal development.

And when it comes to her development, you can sign her up for lessons or classes. Along with these, you can place her under the wings of industry experts who know the qualities that have secured the professional longevity of models. So, what should she learn? Listed below are some of the most useful knowledge and skills for your teenage model.

1.  Ballet

Ballet and barre workouts are popular among models because they are effective in keeping the body trimmed and toned. But aside from those benefits, ballet also develops flexibility, balance, and core strength, which are all crucial for modelling.

Joan Smalls, one of the world’s highest paid models, shared in an interview that one of her modelling jobs required her to do splits in an expensive designer dress 20 metres over the water. Such a job may come your daughter’s way one day and it would be to her advantage to be able to “perform” what the job requires.

It’s worthy to add that a strong sense of balance is necessary for walking the runway wearing uncomfortable footwear.

2.  Etiquette

There is a reason why certain young celebrities are chosen to endorse certain brands. It is because they have an image that beautifully aligns with the values brands represent.

Young ladies who carry themselves well exude elegance and sophistication, which are qualities regarded highly in the modelling world. In addition to that, a solid foundation in proper etiquette can leave a good impression and can likely generate a strong positive reaction from people, be they from the fashion industry or not.

3.  Makeup Application

When your child is still building her portfolio by accepting small-time modelling jobs, there will be a lot of instances wherein she will not be automatically provided with certain services.

For example, a mall fashion show can get hectic and stylists are often not enough to take care of all the models. Your teenage model does not have to rely on the busy stylists to get ready to do her job if she knows how to properly apply makeup herself.

There are a lot of makeup classes offered these days. You can sign your daughter up for basic workshops or advanced training.

4.  Nutrition Awareness

Weight maintenance is a must for models, especially those who want to get picked by high fashion labels. Taking your teenage model to a nutritionist for consultations will help her manage her weight the healthy way.

5.  Personal Styling

The best self-presentation is another must for models. Your child can benefit from the experts’ styling lessons not only to maintain an image but also to attract more projects. Additionally, having the styling basics down will allow her to prepare easily and appropriately for casting calls.

Styling education is available online, she can find informative material from streetwear blogs, Pinterest, and YouTube videos.

6.  Public Speaking

Most people like to think that models do not need to talk. They just need to look good. But, young models these days have a strong influence and their contemporaries look up to them. Brands and fans actually care about what models think and how they articulate themselves.

If your child can be that model who can confidently communicate or express herself, she will have a huge advantage because beauty paired with brains simply never gets old.

It’s important to note as well that public speaking skills can increase her opportunities. If she is open to a TV career, she may have a strong chance of crossing over into that other industry.

7. Skin Care

Knowing proper skin care is another element of self-maintenance that models need. Take your teenage model to the dermatologist not only to receive treatments but also proper education on how to maintain good skin despite the hormonal changes of adolescence, not getting enough sleep, and wearing makeup often.

Developing these skills and knowledge may seem like a lot of work but they have actually served the most successful models the world has seen well. And more importantly, should your teenage model decide that she would like to pursue something else as a career, all these will still hold great value and boost her chances of success in any field.


Adam Jacobs is the Managing Director of Bubblegum Casting, the longest running agency specialising in babies, children and teen talent in Australia. Bubblegum Casting works with some of Australia's biggest brands, media properties, and agencies to secure talented children to work in Television, Film and Modelling roles.

Published by Justin Jersey