If you are already in the ecommerce industry, you probably know that owning a good ecommerce website is hugely important to stand out in the digital world to attain online sales success. You might also know that a poorly built website and improper CTA hamper the sales activities and overall digital performance.

But, what are the essential elements that you need to include to your ecommerce platform to attract more buyers?

Well, we are going to discuss the 7 Must-have Elements for Ecommerce Websites that will help you create a sales page centered on conversion.

1. Detailed & Clear Product Information

When the users come to your page, they are already interested in the product you offer. Hence, you need to complete their purchase wish by offering them buying suggestions and helping them to pick the best product to meet their requirements.

So, you need to identify carefully why and how your product can help the user to fulfill their requirements.

The most common mistake people do on their ecommerce website they don't display the specific product description. In order to make it simple, they often summarize the detailed product information that makes the users unable to understand the best features of the product and why that is best for their needs.

Hence, to avoid such confusion, invest time in writing detailed and clear product information. And, don't forget to add some top benefits of the product. Let your buyers predict what they will gain buying your product.

2. Appealing & Clear CTAs

Another must-have on the landing page is an appealing and clear Call-to-Action button. They often motivate the viewer to purchase and improve your conversion rate.

If your ecommerce website includes a well-structured CTA button and placed strategically on your webpage, it contributes significantly to the ultimate purchase decision.

Accordingly, you can craft a clear and engaging CTA with several calls in order to check the one that converts more.

3. Authentic Customer Review Display

Similar to the traditional retail market, the digital market also trusts on authentic customer reviews and endorsements.

Therefore, to utilize the strategy in your ecommerce, you need to add more verified buyers and their reviews to your website sales page. These client comments and recommendations help you build better brand loyalty and increase the dependability of your visitors.

But be aware of the paid reviews. Often we found some of the 5 Star reviews are fake. It would ruin your branding. Hence, make sure you have authentic, which is a recommended digital marketing strategy.

4. Security Certificate Seal Display

This is why you must host your site on a secure web hosting platform. And, also add the security seals you have earned, display those on your website.

By doing this, you can prompt how your ecommerce platform is secure and how it takes care of the buyers' confidential details.

The trustworthiness a website earns helps in improving the purchase decisions of the potential buyers.

5. Multiple Secured Payment Methods

This one is also related to security concerns - safe payment methods. 

As we have seen several times, a lot of purchase decision reverts due to payment issues. Hence, it is essential to offer secure payment gateways.

Therefore, you need to offer multiple payment methods and work to make the best deals available for your customers.

Therefore, you invest in the exclusive payment tools that enable businesses to have the autonomy, security, and agility to trade internationally.

​6. Comprehensive FAQ

As we said in the very first point, write the information thoroughly, and clearly, we mention the same here again.

But, this time, we are mentioning the same for the FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) section. Without any doubt, you understand the importance of a comprehensive FAQ section on your website. 

With this must-have element in your ecommerce packages, you can answer the most common questions in the segment. You can also discuss some relevant points even before anyone asks to clarify them.

A comprehensive FAQ set help shoppers understand product specifications as well as the purchase details. Starting from delivery times to modes of payment to return and refund policy, FAQ addresses all possible client concerns beforehand.

But, remember to update your FAQ periodically. If you introduce any new purchase opportunity or payment method, or make any changes in your business policy, or face any new customer concern, make sure to update the development in the FAQ section.

7. Detailed Contact Information

Now the last one in the list is the "Contact Us" part. Never ignore to add the contact details to the landing page.

Just as the CTA on the landing page, your contact details also have a significant influence on conversion.

Contact details represent your strong customer service potential, which helps you earn client dependency, and establish a stronger buyer-seller connection.

You can add a toll-free number in contact details, as it makes calling more convenient for most of the customers. You can add your support email id to directly write to your customer service team. There are options to add chatbots for virtual assistance, as well.

Increase Conversions & Sales with the Tips

In this blog, we have discussed the 7 must-have elements for your ecommerce website.

We realize how crucial it is having a higher conversion rate, despite a constant traffic flow. After all, your ecommerce needs to convert your traffic into your potential buyer to meet your primary business goal.

In the present competitive digital context, every detail makes a difference. Hence you need to know the must-have elements and include them in your ecommerce website.

To get more ideas on how to create a sales page focused on higher conversion, stay tuned!

Published by Mohsin Ahsan