Surely you've heard that if you have a personal development business you need to work to create an online community. You start mime your social networks and then the big question come: How to increase your instagram followers?

Today I want to show you some ideas so you can increase your list of followers, but first, I want you to start seeing it from a new perspective.

Followers or customers?

If you had to choose between increasing your list of followers or your list of clients, I'm sure you would opt for the latter. And it is worth nothing to get thousands of followers or emails on our list if none becomes a customer.

Beyond how effective or not these practices are to increase the list of followers on Instagram, what I want is for you to think: do you think they will be quality followers? Do you think they will want to be part of your community and later work with you?

Therefore, if you want to increase your followers on Instagram, you must base yourself on one single principle: contribute. Bring your reflection, your inspiration, what you really are. Provide content that is valuable to your ideal customer. Bask on that.

When you create an online community based on "castles in the air", in the long term you will feel that you are not comfortable in your own community, nor do you get the client profile you want to work with.

You are on time to base your online community on what you really are.

7 ideas to increase your followers

Basing the content of your Instagram on interesting content based on your values ​​and those of your business, there are some things you can do to reach more people.

Always keep in mind that everything you do is not to increase a number that broadens your ego: it is to get more people your valuable work. And because of that, the more they are, the better.

These ideas can inspire you to get followers without leaving aside your values:

Idea # 1: Generate a debate

Beware of this idea: it is not about giving your personal opinion in your company profile on controversial issues (such as political issues, for example), but about talking about topics that invite your followers to participate and give their opinion.

This allows your content to have greater reach, as well as to interest your followers more. Remember that as human beings we are intrinsically selfish: if something does not come to me or come to me, I do not pay attention to it. On the other hand, if it involves me, I can dedicate a minute of my selective attention.

An example. If you were a nutritional coach, you can ask your audience what they think about miracle diets. If you were a productivity coach, what do you think about working at night?

Idea # 2: Use videos

The videos work very well. And although there are several formats that can fit, those in which you offer your content in a dynamic way are the best.

Today it is enough with your mobile phone to give rec and record yourself a short video talking about your subject. Later, you can refine the technique and edit them, but at the moment it is not necessary.

Go ahead and try your first video. What do you think of a video summarizing your last post?

Idea # 3: Hang stories that point to an emotion

Stories are an incredible opportunity to have a moment alone with your follower. An opportunity that lasts only a few seconds, yes.

How to get your stories to attract new followers? Simple: generate an emotion and get them to share it with other people.

More and more stories come to me from people I do not send to some colleagues. If what I see I like, I follow that person without hesitation.

Idea # 4: Make a raffle

Who does not like to receive a gift? At the moment I have not met anyone

A contest is a fabulous idea to reach more people. Your followers will have an incentive to "promote" you for free so you can reach more people.

The contests work great, because if you have 100 followers who recommend 2 friends each, in the end you will end up having 300 followers.

You can approach it as a draw for an object, a discount for your services or as a contest with a certain prize. Put imagination.

Idea # 5: Tell a story

The stories engage. This is not something new. However, if you make your content is based on a story, the followers that come to your account will decide to stay.

A very good example is that kind of Instagram accounts that share a personal evolution. That content always inspires us and helps us in our day to day, so we do not want to lose track and we give to continue without thinking.

Idea # 6: Connect with an "influencer"

There is no faster way to get quality followers than bringing them from another account according to our values. If you know a partner with more followers than you and with whom you share ideas, connect with him.

You can do it, for example, through a live show or by sharing its content. The idea of ​​this is that your name appears in your account and that your followers can reach you.

Idea # 7: Play the 3 ideas during that week

And finally, I want to propose a game. For 7 days, put an alarm on your mobile and block 10 minutes each day to think of 3 crazy ideas with which to get followers.

It is probable that most of these ideas are unfeasible, yes, but surely some are saved. In addition, idea attracts idea, so with this exercise the ideas to increase your list of followers will begin to flow naturally.

Remember that these ideas are based on clean practices to create a real community, of followers who really connect with your way of seeing the world and who would be willing to work with you at some point.


Published by Lavismichel Inkel