Starting an online business is what you need to be able to own your time. And today you're in luck! Because in the following webinar we have revealed you how to build your business on the Internet, with less money and time than you imagine:

So you can spend more quality time with your family and you will have a new source of income. Thanks to the Internet you will be able to break the barriers of space and time. Therefore, when starting an online business we can sell our products and services worldwide and have our business open 24/7.

If you are thinking of starting an online business, these 7 steps are for you:

1. Buy your domain

The first key is that the name of your domain should be easy to remember. It must also be a name related to the focus of the business.

It is also convenient that your domain is hosted on a good server (hosting) that. To choose a hosting service, you should look for everything you need so that when you start your online business you are always online.

Begin to develop an effective business plan with a budget that details the investment of time, money and effort. At this point, you should ask yourself: What market do you want to reach? Who will be your target audience? When will you officially launch your first product or service? How much money do you plan to invest in starting an online business? How much time will you dedicate to this project?

2. Know your competitors

When preparing your business plan, you will have to conduct an investigation or benchmark of competitors. Take an example of your mistakes and successes. But always seeks to differentiate you.

Learning from the experiences of others in your industry will avoid many mistakes. The more pronounced your learning curve, the faster you will reach your goals.

3. Make a draft of your web

Before making your website, you must define what features it will include. You must also choose what information you need to include and what graphic and audiovisual resources you are going to exhibit on your website.

We recommend you hire a web design expert to create your site. But if you are looking to save time and money, you can opt for the purchase of a template or web template. A template is a predesigned web, where you only have to upload your information through a content manager.

4. Promote your website

Do not forget to promote your website in all your digital channels: From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, your email and other communities where you participate.

Always consider that the ideal is to promote your website in all networks where your target audience is present.

5. Create a lead magnet and newsletters

One of the best ways to attract and retain customers is to offer a newsletter or electronic newsletter, where you offer valuable content for your target and special offers.

Never forget the importance of having a database (DB) of clients. In this way, you can be in constant contact with your potential customers and achieve continuous sales.

6. Offer simple solutions

If you implement the shopping cart option, an online payment system, databases, newsletters, auto answers or other options in your e-commerce operation, always look for the simplest solutions for the needs of the users.

7. Get trained and never stop learning

We recommend you to attend our online business formula courses here at Alex Vargas course to take your business to the next level. To learn more about starting an online business, visit, you will always find more content to learn more about starting a profitable online business from scratch.

However, starting an online business is the best way to go out and find your success, instead of sitting down to wait for it.


Published by Joseph Nicholls