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If you've been very involved with the book community or known as a book lover by anyone you know, it's no suprise that you'll encounter co-bibliophiles or family members, relatives, friends & acquaintances asking for a book recommendation.

But why is it so hard? Why can't we just have a brain like the Goodreads recommendation tab or Amazon lists so book recommendation will be just a piece of cake? If you've been asking why, let's virtually high five!

Moving forward, here are the 7 reasons why book recommendation is hard.

1. Age

An adult can read a children's book but a child should not read an adult's book.

We must be age-appropriate when it comes to recommending books. This is one essential factor in book recommendation, the ability to evaluate whether a book is too mature or childish for the person you are recommending it to. It must  be the perfect fit.

We must be really careful because there are times, the joy of reading depends on you. You'll never know you might ignite a child's love for reading or draw back an adult to the world within pages.

2. Genre

We all have different tastes when it comes to genre. No two readers have the  exact preference when it comes to books. So, it's best if you ask the one you're recommending to about what would he/she would to read about. Because if you recommend a book that is way out of their league, chances are, you'll end up heartbroken when they tell you they don't like or didn't enjoy reading a favorite book of yours. Let us save ourselves from all the pain and heartbreak.

3. Fandom

Have you ever experienced that you just want to keep everything for yourself? That feeling that you want that you're the only one who can feel the pleasure, the magic and all those amazing things? You can call it selfish but it's the truth. For a bookworm, book nerd, book lover, bibliophile, book dragon or whatever you define yourself as, it's quite understandable. Why? If we already found solace in something, you wouldn't want to share. Because you're afraid of losing something that what makes you happy and comfortable.

But think about it, why don't you consider sharing? It's more spectacular if you two persons find a place where they truly belong, where people from all over the world find comfort in each other eventhough they were just mere strangers from the start.

A fandom is the ultimate family for all those fangirls& fanboys out there and is a place where they can freely gush over their book boyfriends or girlfriends and just grieve over the death of their fave characters without anyone judging them.

It has been sheer bliss to have and to be in a fandom and I think we all should have one. So if the person you are recommending is interested in a fandom you're in, never think twice in sharing!

4. Book Boyfriends/Girlfriend

It's awesome to have friends in the same fandom but it's not so- awesome to have friends with the same book boyfriend/girlfriend.

This could have been a problem if those fictional characters were not gifted with close to perfection and lovable characteristics. But what can we do? They were & will always be written that way. Let's just hope those fictional characters won't cause war among those smitten fangirls and fanboys.

5. OTP's (One True Pairing)

Let me name one of the most heartbreaking things : YOU AND YOUR READING BESTIE NOT HAVING THE SAME OTP.

It really sucks when that one friend you share a fandom with just doesn't agree with you when it comes to couple that you consider as your one true pairing. And the worst part is, your friend be shipping the other half of your OTP & that just feels so wrong to the highest level with your fangirling self.

Okay, okay. Let's just forget about that. Just silently pray once you say your recommendation. Keep your fingers crossed, y'all.

6. Stand-alone or Series

There are people who are more fond of reading stand-alone than a series or vice versa. So we should always take into account the way the person reads. The reason is, the book might end up unfinished, unread and worst of all, UNENJOYED if it doesn' fit the preference of the person whose gonna read your recommendation.

So please, remember considering this. We don't anyone not feeling the magic of reading just because we thought this was a simple factor to consider.

7. Book Length

We have 2 kinds of readers, the 'shortie' and the 'lengthy'.

Shorties are the readers who tend to enjoy short books ranging from 100 to under 400 pages. They enjoy fast-paced and short reads.

The lengthys on the other hand, are the readers who likes to indulge in books with pages ranging from 400 pages to 1000 pages or more.

So, it's best if you classify the person your recommending to into the two categories before deciding what book to recommend.

There are many things to consider when recommending books. But what's more terrific than sharing the love for reading?

Happy Book Recommending ev'ry one!

Share in the comments section below what reasons are the hardest to consider.





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