Some people love the freedom of being single. Why not? You can go, sleep, eat, play and party anywhere and anytime you want. You have the freedom to do whatever you want to do without bothering to inform someone or get the approval of another person. But some people feel the burden of being single. Why? Because most people hate being alone. Eating alone is boring. Going home alone is boring. Going somewhere nice without someone to share the excitement and the thrill is boring. Watching movies alone is also boring. So obviously, those who crave for companionship will hate being single and alone. Aside from that, here are the reasons why people hate being single:

  1. Weddings. At your age most of your friends are getting married or married. Being single means going to their weddings alone and got to be tag as the “next one” to get married. Then they will notice you haven’t bring a partner or didn’t introduce a male/female friend for a long time that everyone will start setting you up to their single friends.
  2. Being asked why you are still single. You can’t run into an elderly relative without getting asked why you are still single. Then they will start reminding you about your clock ticking away and soon talks about not having kids while getting old will follow.
  3. Get surrounded by a lot of kids. Because your friends are married and have kids, you are always surrounded with kids but none is yours. If you love kids, you will envy your friends. But if not, you get annoyed and felt left out when friends started talking about diapers, feeds and pedias.
  4. Friend shift. Even though you really love your friends, lately you realized that your friends are getting younger because your married friends can come with you on parties, movies and vacation trips. Most of them are at home, taking care of babies and attending family gatherings while you find yourself with a new set of friends and most of them are younger than you.
  5. Unintentional workaholic. Because you are the only single employee, the boss will pick you up to lead jobs that will normally fall on Saturdays and Sundays because most married employees have to do the laundry and will take care of their family. Because you don’t have an excuse, no family responsibilities you will also do nightshifts. So instead of enjoying your freedom, you became a company slave.
  6. Family will think you’re gay or something is wrong with you. Being single for a couple of years will lead to speculations whether something is wrong with you or perhaps you are gay? If you’re not, this could get really irritating.
  7. Thinking that no one really care for you. This is the most depressing thought a single person can have. You’ll start thinking why nobody’s there for you when you have a difficult time and in need of a shoulder to lean on. No one is there to care for your emotions, will cheer you up when you had a bad day and someone to share the burden of day to day struggle. Maybe its okay to be single but sometimes you want someone to send flowers to brighten your day or an encouraging message to help you get through the day.

There’s nothing wrong with being single. It’s your choice since it doesn’t really mean you have to be in a relationship in order to be happy. But sometimes, circumstances makes us hate being single.

Published by Anabelle Suravilla