Diversity. The most beautiful thing in the world that we live today is diversity. From my personal experience, I can tell that working and living in an International and Intercultural environment is the biggest advantage to a company and influences employee productivity. There are probably endless reasons to this, but here is my little overview:

1. Thinking Outside the Box: The employers today ask all of their staff to think outside of the box. But how are we supposed to think differently if all we do is share same ideas with the same people? Having staff from different countries, different cultural backgrounds and with a fresh look on same issues brings out the best qualities of the team. Adding a touch of diversity to your team will motivate your employees and will increase their productivity.

2. Ideas Bank: This lead to the ideas bank. Different cultures inspire different ideas, which can be easily collected in an ideas bank for the team to be able to refer to whenever a new project is launched. When there is little to no diversity in the team, experience has shown that the ideas bank is also very limited and all resemble each other. Is that really want we want today?

3. Languages: This one is rather obvious. Having staff come from all over the world, you ensure your business being operational in various countries. It is sufficient to hire someone who is from France, Germany and Spain and voilà you have 4 people that speak most spoken languages in the world today. Isn't that great to be able to communicate with your partners/suppliers/clients abroad in their own language?

4. Past experiences - future opportunities: All of us come into workforce with past experiences and this is the most valuable asset an employee can bring to the company. Past mistakes and weaknesses become future strengths and opportunities for your team to explore. Take advantage of such a diverse world today and learn from each colleague every day! Perhaps, one of your colleagues is hiding the brilliant next idea that will take your business to a new level!

5. Teamwork: Teamwork is by far the most exciting and the most challenging quality to accomplish in a workplace. Having people from different backgrounds be part of the same team will add more constructive discussions, surely a few disagreements and creative ideas. All the efforts will lead to a greater project than you could have ever imagined!

6. Continous Learning: Having people come together from different countries, cultures and backgrounds ensures that your team/staff is constantly learning and finding out more about each other. We learn about their cultures, share experiences and in some cases create friendships that last longer than years spent at a company.

7. You always have something to celebrate: Different cultures means different traditions, holidays and celebrations. Just by initiating the International Lunch where everyone brings their national food, someone brings salads, others main dish and others deserts, we celebrate the richness of cultures in this world! We learn about traditional holidays and if we are lucky we get invited to our colleagues' social events, where we discover the cultures even more! Not only this can be a great idea for team-building but also it is a simple way to have some fun at work!


Published by Karina Saakyan