Life can be unpredictable. At times you may find yourself in difficulties that you cannot resolve on your own. Divorce, eviction, property disputes, personal injury, criminal arrest, medical malpractice—these are just some of the many life events that may require you to seek legal advice. Such incidents and events can have a profound impact on your life. You should not try to take them on without understanding how the law works in your favour.

7 Resources to Learn How the Legal System Works for You

If you have been put in a situation that requires you to act legally as either a plaintiff or defendant, you should hire a lawyer such as the ones found at the Potts Law Firm. However, you should get some insight and information about how the legal system works. Here are 7 online sites that can help you:

1. Melbourne Law School » Opinions on High

This blog provides commentary on and analysis of recent decisions by the High Court. It also provides general information about the court. It is an open forum, and you will thus find discussions on these decisions and how they will affect the lives of ordinary Australians. One new article is posted every week.

2. Sydney Criminal Lawyers

This blog contains commentary by experienced criminal lawyers from law offices in Sydney, Liverpool, and Parramatta. The lawyers on this blog have a track record of success in criminal and traffic cases and they have won many awards and accolades. There are at least 13 new posts each week.

3. Australian Emergency Law

Here you will find discussion on the law as it affects and applies to Australia’s emergency services and emergency management. If you are a member of that community who is in trouble, you should visit this site for news and information that may help you navigate your case. The blog was started in 2009. It receives 5 new posts per week.

4. LawTalk Blog

This blog focuses on family law, personal injury, employment law, and wills and estates in South Australia. If your case touches any of these areas of law, you can visit this site for insight and guidance. It is updated twice a month with new posts.

5. The Legal Genealogist | Genealogy, the law and so much more

The site deals with issues concerning notaries, plagiarism, new records available for research, and other matters. There are 5 new posts per week.

6. Australian Gay and Lesbian Law Blog

Australia is changing, and the law with it. Questions concerning LGBTI family law are answered in this blog. The site also deals with discrimination, parenting, property settlement, same sex domestic violence, and other same sex law issues. The blog is one of the oldest in Australia on these matters. It receives 2 new posts per month.

7. Justice and the Law - JALT | Pandora’s Blog

JATL is a non-profit organization. It aims to provide a platform for the discussion of various legal issues, including the interaction between law and social justice. If you are looking to have your case taken on pro bono, you will find resources and links at this site. You will also find information that may help you fight an unjust legal action taken against you. The blog is updated once a month.

Getting Justice

If you are dealing with a serious legal matter, you will probably not be able to resolve it on your own. Going to one of the sites above can give you some idea of the scope, complexity, and seriousness of your problem. After you have educated yourself, you should contact a lawyer.

During your initial consultation, your lawyer will sit down with you and ask you to explain in detail the problem you have encountered. They will ask you pointed questions. You should be as honest and specific as you can in your answers. Your lawyer will decide the merits of your case and formulate a legal strategy for fighting it based on the information you give them.

The law does not work exclusively for the rich and the powerful; it also works for ordinary people. If you need legal representation, you should hire a lawyer who is willing to fight to get you justice.


Published by Lavismichel Inkel