Most men want to portrait a strong and dominant personality. But there are still some secrets of our personality that men don't want women to know. But despite calling it secrets we sometimes wish girls knew about them, but we won't tell them. That wouldn't make it so much of a secret, right?


There are some things within a man’s mind that we want women to understand.
It will make it easier for them and it will also make it easier for us also.


Hello everybody I am Alex Mercedes and today we gonna talk about 7 little secret that guys have and want women to know about them, but they won't tell them. Casanova Style.


Trying to understand the opposite sex is like solving a rubbix cube, it take patient, time and determination. After all, men and women are very different, but they are also very much alike, more than we think.


This is a good thing because understanding these secrets can help us communicate better. You can connect on a deeper and more satisfying level.


So what are these secrets that men want women to know? Let's find out.


Secret #1 - Men Like Cuddling


Despite the misinformation going around in the media men do like to cuddle. At least I know I do.


Although the chances are that your man probably won’t like cuddling quite as much as you do but trust me, he likes it.


This can be hard for men to admit because cuddling is often seen as something girly or feminine. And because of society now in days men are often hesitant to show their feminine side. 


But cuddling is a chance to connect on a physical level that isn't purely sexual. Believe it or not sometime men like to be intimate without having a sexual agenda.

Cuddling it’s a chance to touch you without the intent of actually having sex. 
This can be satisfying for men the same way that is satisfying for women. 


Secret #2 - Men Crave Emotional Support


Sometime we act like we have this emotionless wall that shield us from anything sentimental.


That's a whole bunch of BS.


Even though men always want to appear being the most stronger ones in the relationship when emotions comes into place. Men can still feel vulnerable and crave emotional support and we want somebody to tell us that everything gonna be alright, just like girls do.


We have feelings too, it might not see like it, but we do.


So ladies if you’re in a relationship, you might want to keep in mind that part of your appeal to your man is potentially your ability to support him emotionally.
Even if he doesn't say this directly, if you can tell that he seems to respond well to it, it could be something that he secretly really values about you.


Secret #3 - Men Do Appreciate Women


Men appreciate so many things about women that if I decide to name them all I would have to write a whole new article just for that.


This is something about men that many women don’t really understand how it works, but men really do appreciate women.


Everything from the time they take to do their hair, to the tone of their voice, to their reaction to movies, to those corny little voice notes they send men, men appreciate that and more, we might not seem like we like do, but we do.


There is a good chance that your man appreciates you in many different ways that you could not have possibly imagine.
Men often just find women adorable. Even though women are just doing what feels natural for them.


Secret #4 - Men like Chick Flicks and Girly Shows


That's true! Men sometimes like the very same shows and movies that women are obsessed with.


This is coming from a guy that watched Orange is the New Black  Season 1 through 3 in one sitting.


Whether it’s The Bachelor, Scandal, or The Notebook, there is a chance that your man may like some aspects of these shows and movies as well.


He may never admit it to his male friends, but your man may have probably shed a tear or two while watching The Notebook, I did!


Now this could be because he finds Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman hilarious on Orange is the New Black, or Paula Patton from Baggage Claims hot. OMG she is hot!


Whatever the case may be, if you catch your man watching one of these shows, or at least not changing the channel when it comes on, he may secretly be a fan.


Secret #5 - Men Also Hate When You Are On Your Period


Men hate that time of the month almost as much as women do..


Just because men don’t have to endure the cramping, headaches and mood swims that women feel when she is on her period, that doesn't mean we are not affected by it. And this is not just because there is haedly no sex.


The reason is because we often has to experience a series of symptoms ourselves. Some of these symptoms include everything we do is wrong.


We have to undergo through a lot of arguments during this time which we can never win.


We have to tend to her every single need, buy a lots of chocolate, ice cream, be practicly her maid, well her buttler.


On top of that we have to be in our best behavior to avoid arguments, that by the way are not our faults in the first place, but we're the one to blame every time for it. Well is either that or becomes an emotional punching bag of an extremely hormonal woman. You do the math!


Secret #6 - Men Have Their Insecurity


Because we have a tendency to act tough and a lot of times even arrogant or cocky, women may get the impression that we aren't particularly insecure. Because of this women have the impression we don’t appreciate being compliment on our appearance.


However, we probably like and value these compliments as much as women do. 
We have insecurities too, we appreciate it if we get any type of compliment.


Telling a guy that he smells good or that he looks good, or that something he do feels good is probably one of the few things that will give him a self-esteem boost, trust me.


Secret #7 - Men Need and Want Validation


A lot of the things we do is to impress women. You may not realize it, but if your boyfriend is acting tough in a bar, or getting you expensive gifts, or doing other things to put on a show, he is probably trying to impress you.


You may just think that this is how men behaves naturally, but the chances are that he wouldn't go through so much effort if he wasn't trying to at least get your approval.


Women can see this in action when they mention something they like, and her guy suddenly tries to show her what he knows about that particular topic. He is trying to impress you.


Their you go ladies, understanding how men minds work and what drives our behavior can help you deal with your man better, I hope this help you improve your ability to interact and communicate with men. I Am Alex Mercedes and don't forget that is not about finding the right person, but creating the right relationship.

Published by Alex Mercedes