You can believe in all kinds of stereotypes. You can believe that blondes with big boobs are gold-diggers, you can believe in foolish myths like what the meaning of 444 is but is it possible to be friends with a girl without any sexual tension?

That is a myth in a form of a question that no one still has a definite answer to. Does he like you in a romantic way or does he just want you as a friend? There’s a super thin line between the two and you’ll have to really dig deep and look carefully for the signs to understand which one of those two it really is.

And even then, you can be wrong. So, actually what you need is complete honesty from a guy. You need him not to screw with you and answer when you ask him if he likes you. But since that is not going to happen, let’s try looking at the signs.

1. He calls you bro

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking he sees you just as a friend and unfortunately, you’re right. Here’s what happens. You are trying to get him to notice you. You’re in love with him, so you want to get close to him. What do you do? You become his friend.

But once you enter the friendship zone, it’s almost impossible to get out. I mean, it’s not like it never happened but it’s one in a million, so… if he calls you bro, you’re definitely not in the running to become his girlfriend, you’re his buddy. 

2. He talks about other girls

He is not trying to make you jealous. He’s only honest with you because he doesn't like you in that way. Wouldn’t it be selfish to string you along? To give you false hope where there is no chance of making you his girlfriend is cruel.

He won’t do that to you because he really sees you as a friend and he cares about you that way. You’re a part of his crew and he includes you in guy talk. He’ll ask for advice and your opinion on girls. You’re his dude.

3. He flirts with everyone

He flirts with you but he flirts with every other girl. You know guys like that? They are a walking sensation. Every human being who contacts them becomes a subject of his flirting. This is the way he communicates.

Unless you’re the exception to the rule, like for example, if he is a shy guy and he only opens up and flirts with you, then it’s a different story. Then he really likes you. But if he does it with you and all other girls, then you’re nothing special and nothing more than just a friend.

4. He doesn’t touch you

It’s scientifically proven that men present their affection by touching the person they like, making physical contact. When a guy likes you, he will do whatever it takes to be close to you and maybe ‘accidentally’ touch you.

He will brush himself against your arm or bump into you. Any kind of ‘unintentional’ physical contact that just happens to happen is a sign he likes you. If you don’t have those clumsy moments when you’re with him, sorry but you’ve been friend zoned.

5. He wants to hook you up with someone

He is working on finding you a boyfriend! Hello?! A man who likes you won’t try to find another guy to take you away from him. A man who likes you will do anything that is in his power to stop that.

You’ve been friend zoned and that friend of yours is trying to set you up on a date. He doesn’t like you in a romantic way. Period.

6. He watches over you

He acts like you're his sister. He wants you to be safe and he is always there for you when you need help.

I know, this can be easily confused with the behavior of a man who is romantically interested in you but if he really watches over you like a big brother, then he is definitely not interested in you.

7. You’re never alone

He never calls you to go out when there are just the two of you. He doesn’t feel the need to be alone with you, therefore he isn’t interested in you. He doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you because to him, you’re his bro.

You’re a part of his crew and he sees you as nothing more. Sorry but all of these signs mean you’ve been friend zoned.

If your feelings toward him are too strong to hide, then it’s better you stop being friends with him as he’ll find out why you’re acting weird and then he’ll become weird. Or, he will get mad at you because you’re distancing yourself and he has no idea why.

Either way, it’s not a good position to be in. You’ll end up getting hurt any way you look at it.

Published by will Ent