Electric shavers have revolutionized the shaving practices for men around the globe. There are efficient, quick and seamless in practical use. However, the arduous task is to choose your desired product out of thousands of available shavers in the market. They vary in their brand names, prices, size, function, properties and of course efficiency. Here we have compiled a list of features that can render any shaver as the best out of the lot.

Shaver types:

Currently, there are two major shaver types, i.e., rotary and foil shavers. Declaring one to be the best is impossible in this case as men prefer any kind according to the utility. However, describing, foil shaver have oscillating blades under a perforated foil and are highly appreciated for everyday use as they help the hairs grow straight out of the follicles. In case of rotary shavers, they have three head to raise and then shave your face. But this shaver is not recommended for sensitive skin.

  1. Long battery life:

When you are looking for the best, you should keep an eye on all essential features. Battery life can be a daring issue with these chargeable shavers. Choose a shaver that offers you longest battery time as it will be able to serve your shaving needs even on a vacation or camping venture. All big brands also provide chargeable shavers, but their limited utility doesn’t make them a consumer favorite.

  1. Digital display:

Technical advancement in the field of electronic gadgets has taken the shaving experience to new levels of superiority. Now most excellent shavers are offered with a digital display that keeps you updated with the battery percentage left, minutes you have before the battery drains, mode of shaver blades, etc.

  1. Auto-cleaning:

In today’s busy schedule, one cannot find enough time to clean the electric shavers, so auto cleaning is one of the most wanted features in any shaver. There are cleaning kits available you just need to put the shaver in the base units, and the equipment will manage the rest. Cleaning fluid or cartridges for this purpose are readily available online or any nearby chemist store.

  1. Pop-up-trimmer:

Today most shavers come with a multi-purpose built up. They are not only supposed to give you flawless clean shaving, but a pop-up trimmer accomplishes your complete grooming regimen more perfectly. Beard combs are additional features in many favorite shavers, if you are a fan of sharp beards, this is sure to be one hell of an accessory for you.

  1. Waterproof:

Waterproof shavers offer you the exultant time with your shaving and let you use your shaver with more comfort. You can use it in your bath or right after taking a shower without worrying any damage by water.

  1. Lightweight:

Any best gadget is the one that offers you maximum utility. Less weight and preferably a small size always make any shaver to be the best one. You can carry your shaver anywhere with you, and it will never let you feel burdened at all.

  1. Price range:

The male grooming market is full of a variety of products that vary in price from as low as 10 all the way up to 300 pounds. However, you must invest your money in the best-rated shaver for men UK by considering your requirements in an electronic shaver carefully. For which you must understand your skin. Never go for a rotary shaver if you have sensitive skin. Then find your most anticipated features in a shaver and internet is full of shaver reviews based on battery, price and waterproof features to help you decide a product according to your need..




Published by Kimberly Smith