Festivals are right around the corner and it is that time of the year, when we gather with our family and friends to celebrate, enjoy and share the delicious food we prepare. With all the scrumptious food around, it is natural that anyone can lose their control and over indulge. In the end of these festivities, along with the good time, regret of overeating/binging does follow; let’s not forget the extra pounds/kgs that we gained…

Is it difficult to stay healthy while still enjoying the festivities and don’t like the thought of gaining few kgs/pounds?? Let’s hear from these fitness and healthy living enthusiasts, who know how to keep themselves healthy yet enjoy the festivals to the fullest. 

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  • Ms. Sunitha H B – Entreprenuer/Director -  AIM Montessori School

Sunitha: Festivals are the occasion to be preparing fresh delicacies and be with family, friends, and above all this getting dressed in the best dresses we have picked for the festival. Including fresh fruits and uncooked vegetables in the menu, such as fruit chaats and kosambari(salad), definitely adds healthy-ness into the festivities. My family being vegetarians, I ensure healthy food in our diet and keep the menu as colorful as possible.

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  • Ms. N Sindhu Sudhkar – Entreprenuer/Director – ACE Montessori School

Sindhu: Festive times mean lots of sweets and fried items. Minor tweaking can be done in terms of the ingredients while cooking and thus a full calorie dessert can become a healthy one. For example, we can make dates’ holige(sweet roti) as dates helps in improving immune system, helps in digestion and also helps in maintaining low sugar level in diabetes. Also, using less salt in your dishes does help in reducing weight as it controls water retention in the body. If you had a “heavy” lunch where you binged on sweets and other high calorie food, then eat light at dinner time. 

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  • Rigya Chadha and Ashish Sharma - IT consultants and Fitness/health enthusiasts

Festive season brings lots of high calorie temptation which is difficult for anyone to dodge, so enjoying these temptations and at the same time staying fit becomes a challenge. So we make sure to drink 4-5 liters of water in a day followed by 30 min of workout which includes walking or jogging and on the following day we try to eat less calorie food and compensate for extra calories consumed previous day.

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  • Vibhuti Dabral and Rishabh Joshi – IT consultants and Fitness/health enthusiasts

Between the two of us, Rishabh is a binge eater. It takes a lot of will power for him to control himself. But there are other ways that help him not to binge eat.

  • I make him drink lots of water, when I realize he would be presented with food that he wouldn't have control over. This brings down his hunger, the craving and thus the binging.

  • I share his food! Less to binge upon.

  • Other thing I do is, I hide large quantities of sweets and other items, which he would binge upon. He then has access to only small quantity of food and cannot binge on it. And since it is away from his sight soon, it is away from his mind too.

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  • Aditi Bhonsle – Entrepreneur/Fashion Designer at Aditi - for those who choose to be unique

I avoid eating too much during the festivals by constantly reminding myself about ,the weight I will put if I don’t control. And once the weight is on you it takes months to shed it off. Hence, self control with the scary thought of weight gain does it for me.


(Image Source: Aditi Bhonsle)

  • S Laxminarayan – Entreprenuer/Co-founder – JivaBhumi Organic Farming

Festivals in India have its own traditional values (and also science) and when it comes to food, it's no different. There are different recipes of food that is prepared for festivals depending on the season. For example: Deepavali - This festival is celebrated just before we get into winter. In order to get through the cold season, we consume food which is deep fried which would contain some fat so as to endure the winter season. On the same note: Ramanavami is a festival that occurs at the beginning of summer, and during this time we generally consume drinks, butter milk and juices which keeps our body cold from the summer, more liquid meaning lesser craving to binge on sweets or fried items. So, the eating habits are practiced based on our health and there is definitely science behind it.

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  • Shilpa Pawar – Entreprenuer and Director/Proprietor of EcoSave - Eco-friendly products

Diet in your festival can be maintained with sugar free items. You can enjoy eating whatever you want and yet not worry about putting on calories. Also, do not stress or worry specially during festival times as it does lead to eating extra – which is also called as stress binging. Organize, enjoy and be happy during festival time.

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Published by Su Srikanth