Did you know? You can add value to everyday life in a matter of seconds!

But how?

By using tech hacks. Nimble yet effective, these tricks can make your life easy. 

Often, people miss out on the latest tech news and this prevents them from discovering ground-breaking inventions in the field of technology.

But don’t worry, here’s where we discuss 7 of them just for you. 

1.    YouTube videos, the latest GIFs

As a student myself, I understand how bothersome it is to search YouTube repeatedly to find the perfect video that helps you to study. But here’s a sneaky way you can convert your YouTube videos into interesting GIFs. 

Yes, that’s possible! 

a.    Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to convert.

b.    Search Gifs.com and navigate to a white box on the left side of their page and “CTRL+V” or paste the URL. You will find your video there.

c.    Click on the image just above the timeline and select the starting and the ending time for your GIF. A blue bar will show you the part that will turn into a GIF.

d.    Now you can either choose to convert the YouTube video as it is or customize it to your liking. Once you’re done, just click “Create GIF” and download the GIF you created.

2.    Wi-Fi

It’s 2019 and we’re still facing Wi-Fi issues? That’s preposterous!

Do you have assignments to submit but your Wi-Fi is starting to act up again? It fails to function only when you require it the most.

Craft a disk out of aluminum foil and place it gently on your router. This will assist your signals to flow efficiently. You can also create an antenna-like structure by cutting a cola can open. Try to place your router on an elevated surface for a better experience.

3.    Notifications 

Since we’re all using a variety of applications each day, notifications can be annoying. Being constantly poked by them can irritate the best of us so it’s better if you keep them tamed for a while.

In your Android, iOS devices simply look for the “Do not Disturb” feature or the “alerts only” option on Gmail and feel relaxed once again.

4.    Press “Restart”

Your devices are crawling with useless material and this will delay your work. Although this step might be too bold for some of you, try giving it a chance. Just reset your device and escape from the “digital headache” most of us are facing.

A word of caution though, don’t forget to save your important files and data before you start cleaning!

5.    Keyboard shortcuts

These crafty shortcuts can save a lot of time in the long run.  

Apart from basic copy and paste, did you know how to hop between tabs in Chrome? Just hold “CTRL” and press the number of the tab you want to be in. Additionally, you can paste plain text without formatting in the browser by pressing “CTRL+Shift+V”.

6.    Emails

Are you facing difficulty in finding relevant emails among a cluster of unnecessary spam ones? Just search “unsubscribe” and escape from useless newsletters. Good riddance!

7.    Emails, yet again

Websites and applications constantly ask for your email. To avoid this, go to your keyboard and in the dictionary, add a shortcut of your email by giving it a shortcut code like “ABC” or anything you find suitable. 

These tech hacks are cool, right? They’re efficient and although they may seem negligible, they help you avoid spending time or effort by taking you through a shortcut. 



Published by Syed Mohammad Anwer