1. Just because you matched, doesn’t follow you have to be a couple.

-I came to Tinder because I was feeling alone, lost, and wasted. I came from a recent breakup then and found out that my ex girlfriend had someone else already which made me feel worse. Intentions had been wrong since the beginning. I came to Tinder to not be single so I was, from the start, expecting to get a partner as soon as I get a match. It did happen though. The first person I got matched with became my girlfriend. But it didn’t work. And that was one of the worst traumas I ever had in my life.

2. You don’t have to start the conversation like a resume.

-So what if she graduated from this school? So what if she’s working for that company? So what if she’s everything you’re intimidated about? Oh yeah, that would matter ‘cause that would defeat your confidence. And low self-esteem leads to a nonsense talking of your mouth. I had a couple of conversations with the second person I got matched with and I had a blast with her. We didn’t initially talk about our lives. We would share ideas a few hours after dusk and minutes before dawn and it was one of the best times of my life. A total opposite of what I experienced from my first match for I was, I guess, bombarded by an interviewer.

3. Tinder can be a place of psychos, and by psychos I mean, Masters of Lies.

-This is why the first match didn’t work. It was late for me to realize that I was already strangled by the tales of her tongue masked by the warm hugs of her arms. Just because the person tells you this doesn’t follow it’s the truth of her. Not everyone knows their truth because not everyone is open for the realization of their true story. So basically, just don’t give your trust easily cause you really don’t know the other person.

4. Tinder is not solely for singles.

-I also got matched with this girl that I really liked. After being very cautious because of my experiences, she was the first person I got attracted to only to find out that she’s not really, and should not be really, available.

5. You don’t have to meet.

-There are still some professionals in Tinder and by that I mean people who don’t really have much time to mingle. You don’t have to meet and demand of their time. Why don’t you enjoy first a series of valuable conversations whenever you both have free time? Tinder is not all about romantic relationships. It can also be for friendships.

6. Looks is just your secondary criterion.

-Just because she’s got pretty face and body, doesn’t follow she’s beautiful and stunning. I came across a profile with one sole picture, and it wasn’t even a face but her foot in a stiletto. The message under her profile was too short it didn’t even sound smart and meaningful to me but I swiped right. I got the feeling that that shot and sole photo in her profile was just a part of a bigger picture in an important event in her life. And later on when we got matched, I found my speculations right. It was a graduation photo and she was one of the genuine people I ever talked to.

7. Don’t fall in love.

-I did so no offense meant to people who found love in Tinder but this is me talking to myself. Don’t fall in love. Because the person I would love to be with is not the type of individual who would have time for this app. I’d meet her (or him, who knows), in a rather more personal, live, and authentic way. It’s the eyes that I want to see. Staring back at me.


Here's the challenge. Can you take all of these seven out the page and wrap them into one? Of course you can! Do you want to know how? Of course you do! Now, brace yourself for this will shock you. 

All these seven, if you magnify them, you'd realize that all of them, ALL OF THEM (!) means


For if you are looking for love, you've got to be ready. How? Be happy. Alone. Don't look for that person who you think's going to complete you. 

Because darling, you already are.

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