Hey everybody ,

So today I am going to tell you about my breast augmentation experience and give you a few tips I wish i would have gotten before getting mine :

  • First of all , think about it for at least 1 year before actually getting it. Women change their minds everyday ( especially me ) and it is something that you can't just take out over night , I personally waited 2 years before I got the surgery and I still wonder sometimes if I made the right choice because after all , Natural is beautiful.


  • The second thing I would advise you to do is pick CAREFULLY you're doctor, ask them how many times they have done it before , have them show you pictures of what they've done. I went and seen 3 different doctors before choosing mine and I still am not 100% happy with my results.


  • Third tip is : try not going TOO big. You're probably thinking " Well I am already paying for it and going under surgery so I might as well go big ", NO you should not. There is multiple reasons why I'm telling you that. The first one being , it will not look natural and trust me you want to aim for natural or you're going to get tired of looking at them. The second reason is ( what is happening to me ) , it can rupture your muscle, the implants will slide down and it will look bad and occasionally hurt.


  • My fourth advice is look at pictures using this website , it allows you to choose your actual boob size and put the size you want to go for , and it'll show you before and after pictures of people with the same sizes.


  • My next advice to you is VERY important , from personal experience ( but it is entirely up to you ) choose to do the surgery from the nipple. Sure , you have a hire risk of loosing sensation , temporarily or permanently , in your nipples but the scar will heal and look so much better.


  • The 6th advice i would give you is , don't do it it during summer. Trust me , you are not going to want to sweat all day when you can't go swimming or go to the beach. I , stupidly , made that mistake and left for Cancun 10 days after my surgery and it was hell to see everybody swimming in the hot weather and not being able to do pretty much anything.


  • And finally , if you're an hypochodriac : DON'T DO IT... I am not afraid of saying that I am a very bad hypochondriac and I don't know if it was directly related to the boob job , surgery, or anything , but i developped anxiety and deep hypochondria around a month and a half after my surgery and to be honest , if I would of known that I would no have done it.

Here you go guys , hope my article was helpful.

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Published by Lea Lambert