Choosing a trusted lawyer is not an easy matter. If we have never hired one and, at a given moment, we need the services of a lawyer, we can be overwhelmed by the choice of choosing one.

How do we do it? We ask someone you know? Do we search on the Internet?

If you are looking for a reliable lawyer and you do not know where to start, we give you 7 guidelines that can help make your search easier and more effective.


Don't be afraid to ask for references from your friends and family about trusted lawyers. You can also research social networks and seek opinions from third parties about a particular office. All the information you collect can help you make a decision.


First, the lawyer must know how to evaluate the damage caused and to do it correctly, he must have sufficient experience to allow him to act quickly and with certainty.

The first thing is to determine what happened to know exactly who to count. For example, if the accident occurred while you or the other person was drinking, then the specialist you need is a DUI lawyer.

On the other hand, if you are claiming something from the vehicle insurance, that means that the damage is not so serious, then you need an insurance lawyer and to finish in the examples, the accident may be for personal injuries or something that occurred within your property, in those cases you should look for a personal injury lawyer.

Each specialist is responsible for an area and therefore the importance of determining with certainty what step to look for the specific professional that will help in the problem.


One of the points that you should not forget is to consult the attorney's fees because perhaps you have a limited budget and although you need a good lawyer you can not pay for it so the indicated must be good at your job and at the same time not so expensive.

Surely you will find both characteristics in a person, it is just a matter of searching and negotiating as well.

Once you provide your fees and decide to work with that person, the payment must be in writing so that there are no problems in this regard while the case is walking.


A lawyer specializing in Family Law is not the same as one specialized in Administrative Law. Evidently, both have studied all the branches of law in the faculty, but each one has developed his career in one or another field, with which he will know better everything that has to do with the specific branch in which he has worked.


As it is said, the experience is a degree and a law firm with many years of experience and many cases gained is a plus of additional confidence.


Although it seems that taking into account the location of the law firm only affects our comfort, to avoid long trips, in reality, it goes much further. A good lawyer should be familiar with the courts of their respective regions, as well as with the judges, officials, and prosecutors who work in them.


When you hire a lawyer, it is essential that you convey cordiality and empathy, since you should feel comfortable to provide all the information that your case requires - sometimes of a personal nature.

Therefore, it is essential that in the first visit you expose your case quietly and check if you listen carefully or, on the contrary, do other things while you attend or try to finish the visit quickly. Ask about the possible lines of action in your case and about your professional experience in cases like yours, as well as any other questions you may have.

You must leave this first visit with the perception that you are a trustworthy, effective and empathetic lawyer with your situation and your case.

Similarly, if you consider yourself innocent and accused of the opposite, according to Tony Scheer from RDS Law ( investigators can legally make threats to you about your family members as long as they don’t cause any physical harm to come upon them, in such a case you must explain everything to a professional so that you can evaluate how to prove your innocence, trust between the client and the lawyer is crucial for the proper development of the legal case.

In these situations, the types of lawyers you should know are important to better determine your case. Also, do you have any doubts about hiring a lawyer? in order to find the best of all for your requirement as soon as possible.

We hope these guidelines give you clues to help you in your search for a trusted lawyer. If what you are looking for is a law firm specialized in family law. We have more than 20 years of experience. Contact us and we will show you that we can be worthy of your trust.


Published by Johanne Cosihan