Do you remember those solo trips to the beach that you used to enjoy years ago? Carefree and easy-going, that’s what the beach life was all about, and the most prominent decision you had to make was what bikini to wear. Going to the beach with the kids is a different story altogether, it is pure chaos unleashed.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time together, all it takes is a little more planning. Here are seven tips you can use to ensure you have everything you need to enjoy the day at the beach with your kids.

#1 Get There Early

There’s nothing worse than driving down the beach road to discover that all the parking bays are taken. Leaving as early as you can help you get the best spot at the beach and make sure you don’t have to drive around looking for parking in the baking sunshine. There’s another advantage to heading out early; low-wind conditions. The hotter the day becomes, the more the wind will pick up and the sand gets blown around. Get there early and enjoy the calm of the morning before the sun gets too intense.

#2 Set up by the Lifeguard

Setting up your spot near the lifeguard tower gives the kids a reference point they can use to find you easily in the crowd.  Sit to the side or behind the lifeguard tower; if you are blocking the front of it, they may ask you to move.

#3 Take a Folding Gazebo or Pop-Up Tent

The sun can become brutally strong around midday till 2 pm. A small pop-up tent or gazebo will provide you with valuable shade.

#4 Sunscreen is Critical

Doing your sunscreen protocol right is essential to prevent mess and give your kids adequate protection against UVA and UVB rays. Start your protocol at home in the morning by using an SPF 30 cream. Apply and let dry, then pack the kids in the car and get going. Once you are at the beach, use a spray sunscreen to stop sand from sticking to the skin. Remember to re-apply every two hours with the best sunscreen you can find.

#5 Give Them Notice before You Leave

When the day is getting long in the tooth, and you feel like its time to leave, don’t expect to be able just to herd the kids up and go. Avoid the protests, by giving them a warning that you are leaving in an hour, and follow it up with a final notice half an hour later. Start packing after the 30-minute call and be ready to go when the time comes.

#6 Take Some Baby Powder with You

Getting sand all over the car can be avoided without scrubbing down your kids with a towel. Apply some baby powder to the sandy skin before you get into the car to go home. The powder absorbs extra moisture, and the sand drops right off.

#7 Leave a Dust Brush in the Car

Keep a dust brush somewhere in your car to prevent sand from getting everywhere. Brush off everyone’s feet with a dust brush before you get in after you have packed up and are ready to leave.

The Final Thought

Take a power bank charger for your devices. You will have so many photo opportunities during the day, and the last thing you want to happen is to run out of battery on your phone.

Published by sandeep Malik