With a spell we can channel the energies directly to what makes us happy: love spells can be used to find a new love, attract someone we like, forget a person or to heal a relationship. The question does not matter since there is always an appropriate spell.

Although the possibilities of magic in the theme of love are endless, it is true that there are some considerations that we need to take into account so that everything goes well.

Think well what you want
You must have clear what your intentions are before preparing your spell.

The magic love spells can be cast for multiple purposes: make a particular person fixate on you, attract your soul mate or heal a truncated relationship.

The most important part of any spell is this: to have a clear vision in your head of what it is that you want to achieve.

Focus on your purpose
Think carefully about where your intentions are going. It is very different to want to attract a new person into your life; then you should consider if your lifestyle allows you to meet new people.

For example, if you intend to use magic to make someone you do not know well, you should keep in mind that maybe he is not interested in you or that he is not the kind of person you imagine.

The main thing is to avoid certain behaviours. For a love spell to work, you must give up the idea of dominating, manipulating or controlling the other person in some way.

Keep in mind that the Universe understands your actions, and always returns to your life what you emit. Healthy love is one that is full of respect, mutual support and satisfaction within the relationship.

Gather the appropriate symbolic materials
Depending on the type of love you pursue, you will need to use both materials.
You can take into account the magic value of colours.
Red = passionate love
White = innocence
Green = nature and virility

You can use candles, papers, flowers, clothes or any significant object for you that colour.

You can add some magical herbs
Lavender has been associated for centuries with a man's love, but there are so many others you can use for your love spell.
If you want to invoke true love, passion, and satisfaction within the relationship, then you can try verbena, caraway or cinnamon, as they usually have great effects on fidelity and libido.

Use instruments that enhance the effectiveness of your love spells
The symbolic objects that you use will determine your predisposition and, therefore, the direct results of the spell. Knowing the symbology of these elements is crucial before we hope to achieve our purposes through magic.

A mirror is one of the most powerful emblems of a healthy self-image. You can also add some silk to add sensuality, flowers to represent romanticism or intimate lingerie often give the magic touch to the libido, but you can use anything else that is special for you.

If you want to use a love spell on someone, in particular, it may be a good idea to use something that is related to him, such as a piece of clothing or any gift he has given you.

Everything depends on the polarity of your objects, because if you add symbols linked to negative feelings, such as knives, weapons or any other metaphorically aggressive object, then you can get unwanted results through this ritual.

Prepare yourself as you deserve
The love of oneself plays a decisive role because only by improving our self-esteem we will be able to attract love to our life.
Take a bath of magical herbs, essential oils or flowers; aromatize the water with jasmine or roses, and lighting some candles in the bathroom can help you achieve a mental and physical state that predisposes you to obtain positive results.

Also, use clothes that you feel good with, make sure they are clean to convey purity and neatness during the execution of your love spell.

Choose the right place
Casting your spell anywhere does not always work.
It is very important to have a private space, quiet and where we are sure that nobody will bother us while we cast our spell.

You can use a room in your house where you know that nobody is going to enter, but you can also move to a more romantic location, like the beach or the forest. In any case, remember that the main thing is to comply with the basic privacy requirements that allow you to concentrate on your love ritual.

Published by Mudassar Ali