Living in an rv means you need to face certain realities and one of those is that your battery is the most important power source for appliances. Most rvs come with a functional 12V battery but you can buy additional units depending on your needs. There are different types of rv batteries but without adequate maintenance, you will keep replacing it at short intervals. Here are 7 tips to help you maintain your rv battery_

01. Use a three stage charger for your battery

It is important to charge your battery so that you can use it for long periods without any problems. However, most rv batteries do not come with the right kind of charger. While conventional chargers will leave your battery at around 85%, a three stage charger is designed to ensure full charge by going through the three important phases. The bulk charge that charges the battery up to 90%, an absorption charge to take it to 100% and a floating charge to retain full power.

02. Check electrolyte levels at regular intervals

Most rv batteries contain electrolytes that keep it working optimally. When the battery has been used for a period of time, this liquid can be used up. This means you have to replace it. Distilled water is the best alternative to use as water from other sources can damage your battery.

03. Retain a 50% charge at all times

An rv battery is constantly in use and this means it will not be fully charged at all times. You must ensure that the battery doesnt drain below 50% charge. This is because it will get damaged and might not be able to retain any kind of charge eventually. You should ensure that you have enough charge on the battery before embarking on trips to avoid leaving it low for long periods

04. Keep your battery from freezing

When a battery has been left lying around for too long, it can freeze. A frozen battery cannot charge and might explode in the process. Keep your rv battery well stored to avoid such occurrences.

05. Use your battery the right way

As indicated earlier, there are different kinds of rv batteries. A starter battery is used to start your rv engine while a deep cycle gives you constant power for a period of time. Knowing how to use your battery will help you maintain it for a few years. A good marine battery can give you the properties of the two other batteries in the same package.

06. Avoid extremely hot temperatures 

Extreme temperatures can destroy your batterys internal working mechanism and melt some key components. Your electrolyte will also be affected. Ensure that your rv battery is not left exposed to the sun or stored in a place where it can heat up and get damaged in the process.

07. Disconnect your battery when it is not in use

Your rv has a lot of appliances that are connected to the battery. When the battery is not in use, it is important that none of these items are draining the battery. This can happen overnight. Do not assume that switching off the appliances means they dont have parastitic loads on your battery. If theres a way to disconnect your battery using a switch, try to do so always.

In conclusion, an rv battery is vital for the vehicle to keep running smoothly without any power emergencies and these 7 tips will help you maintain your rv battery as a beginner who is new to the realities of living on the move.

Published by Joseph Nicholls