Do you want someone to rule over you or you want to be the ruler of a kingdom? If you fall under the latter, then you should definitely aim to do an MBA. If you wish to be someone who wants to generate employment for others, someone who wishes to start their own company or lead a team of diverse professionals then MBA, is the ideal launch pad for you.

An MBA exposes you to a plethora of options and sharpens your decision-making skills. You may still be an undergraduate pursuing your course, or a professional working somewhere but the sooner you start focusing on areas and skills which might help you in becoming a business manager in future, the brighter chances you have of succeeding.

Those of you aiming to crack CAT 2018 should start with their preparation right away as there is still ample time for the exam and you would definitely get benefitted with an early preparation. The exam would tentatively be conducted somewhere in November. Alternatively, some of you might have also appeared for CMAT 2018 which was scheduled for January 20.

An early preparation will not just help you in cracking CAT but, would also help you in increasing your skill set. Here, in this blog we bring you across to some of the best strategies that you could adopt for strengthening your MBA Candidacy. Let us have a look at seven useful tips which would help increase your chances of selection.

Develop strong leadership skills

As a business manager, you would serve as future leaders in companies and hence, the admissions committee of MBA colleges would also look for someone possessing strong leadership skills. Everybody looks for a leader and not a follower. Always try to be proactive and participate or volunteer for events and projects. It could be anything participating in college events, launching initiatives or programs, or volunteering or leading some non-profit organisation.

You have to show things that make you stand out from rest of the crowd. Try to exhibit those skills even at workplace and try to involve and engage yourself with employee groups in office, try leading discussions and meetings in office, and also try to help your boss in big decisions to standout from others.

Be a good team player because a good team player can be a team leader in future and learn how to coordinate and work with people. A good leader is always someone who understands others, who are admired by people and who has the ability to convince others into doing things.

Display phenomenal communication skills

Communication skills are one of the most important and vital for anyone, especially a manager. You can impress people very easily if you possess good soft skills. Showcase your previous experiences or projects that can highlight your presentation skills in an effective manner. Learning lessons related to MBA subjects like finance and marketing are not very difficult as that would be taken care by the professors in MBA colleges, but communication skills is one area where you need to work upon on your own.

Having participated in debates, elocutions also demonstrate that you can convey your thoughts effectively to the audience so, try and participate in such events where you get exposed to larger crowds and learn the art of communicating. Strong communication skills also boost up your self-confidence and you also get over stage fear which often students face after taking admissions.

Communications skills can be developed or enhanced very easily by reading newspapers, magazines and novels and also by watching news channels. They say “first impression is the last impression” so thrive to create a lasting impression on the admission panels by exhibiting strong communication skills.

Set realistic post MBA goals

Always have a clear vision about why you wish to do an MBA. It is a common observation that many of the MBA aspirants are unclear about why they wish to go for an MBA. Sometimes, they simply wish to go for MBA if they are not getting a job or maybe by getting fascinated from others. It is essential to have a clear cut goal as to why you wish to enter into MBA. Be aware about what your short term or long term goals would be as that would help you in realising how your career progression would be.

Being more focused about your career goals also reflect how concrete you are about your career. Give convincing reasons as to how an MBA degree would align with your career goals and how would it help you in attaining those goals. Try to give realistic and convincing answers which should show that you are truly interested in this degree.

If you are someone having a prior work experience, then be prepared to come across questions where you would be asked that why would you leave your job and opt for an MBA now? Give answers which justify as to how you would get acceleration in your career or as to how an MBA would help in crossing up the ladder and also provide an option to switch sectors.

Extracurricular Activities

An MBA degree doesn’t restrict you just to books but it focuses on overall development of the individual as in future, you would be responsible for heading an organisation or handling a team. Even admissions committee looks for candidates who are involved into lot of activities and not just merely bookworms. Pursue your hobbies and interests for instance, if you are someone who loves painting take some time out to paint, be aware of all the techniques associated with the kind of painting you love, the different painting styles and also join some hobby classes if you wish to.

Most of the MBA colleges also have many kinds of student clubs where you can get associated and devote time to your hobbies and passions also. You can also find student clubs specific to your MBA subjects wherein you are again exposed to a variety of things like games, quizzes, conducting workshops etc.

Many of the students even in interviews of the IIM’S have been grilled on their hobbies and passions, their interests and how well they balance between their interests and studies. You should be someone who knows to strike a perfect balance between studies/job and other activities and be an all-rounder.

Join Internships to enhance your skills

Internships are one of the best ways to get a look into how the corporate life actually functions. In simpler ways, one could say that it provides you a bird’s eye view of how an organisation functions. You learn to work under someone, you the learn the art of working with people together in a team, you can also acquire new skills from a workplace and it always help in future if you have some insight about how the corporate world functions. 

In MBA curriculum, you would be given lot of case studies based on office dynamics and you would be in a better position to analyse and understand them if you have a small knack about corporate culture. Internships would also reflect your seriousness that you are actually taking efforts to understand how a business functions. Internships would not only help in increasing your interpersonal and professional skills but would also foster growth.

Building strong contacts and connecting with alumni

MBA is a very intense degree and it is always better to be connected with people and build contacts which would last for a lifetime. Networking is very important for MBA students as many people get jobs through strong networks alone. Connecting to alumni from the MBA colleges is one of the greatest things that you could do as these alumni connections help you before your degree, during your degree and also after you have completed your course.

You can interact with them and understand about their experiences related to the course, their decision-making process and also get insights as to what all you should do to take admission into that particular college and also survival tips. With interactions, you would also learn how the MBA degree has impacted their career and helped them involve both personally and professionally.

Mastering CAT or other MBA entrance exams and researching your target b-schools:

Mastering CAT or any other MBA entrance examinations should be your topmost goal as with rigorous practice and persistence you would definitely achieve your goals. Start with an early preparation, gather data about the exam understand the syllabus and start preparation to increase your chances of selection. Also, indulge in the habit of reading newspapers every day to make yourself aware about what is going around the world which would be beneficial to you in the long run.

Also, try to research about the MBA colleges where you wish to apply so that you would get hands-on experience about the same. Try researching as much as you can and find out more about the college, the courses offered by them, their faculties and most importantly the placement statistics. The more information you gather about the college of your choice the more inspired you would be to go into that college and motivation levels would be stronger too.

Undoubtedly, an MBA offers much more to you than mere studies. It transforms you to a professional level and also enhances your skills and contact network. You would also become equipped to earn well and higher in long run. The exposure to such a diverse student base would also help you grow as an individual. We wish you good luck for all your future endeavours! 

Published by Arina Smith