Organising a trip to Australia is a dream for many since this region is packed with natural wonders and charming attractions suitable for touring. Not only just mountains, beaches and bushes, but there are also many sightseeing spots to visit in the major cities.

In this article, we will talk about Brisbane. This Sunshine Capital offers the region's best experiences perfect for locals or visitors. It’s famous for sunny days and a relaxed lifestyle. That’s why if people have been tasked with organising a memorable buck’s party, Brisbane is on the top of their choice.

If you’re one of the people, you are probably scratching your head while scouring for great ideas. Well, if that speaks for you then we have just what you need – excellent bucks party ideas in Brisbane suggested by Cover Girl Strippers. Since we don’t want you to do something cliché like hitting all the clubs in town, we have done some research to give you outstanding options from mild to wild. So let’s get to it.

1. Outdoor/Indoor Camping

There are many places in Brisbane where you can camp outdoors. Most of these places are only 1-2 hour drive from the heart of Brisbane. These campsites also offer a hiking trail on and near the site. You don’t need a campervan or caravan, setting up a tent would be fine in the area.

But if you want a more private indoor camping where you don’t have to worry about disturbing the camping neighbours. It is also possible to rent a house and hire some Brisbane’s finest topless waitresses to add some excitement to the party.

An indoor camping will offer the maximum privacy and amenities of a regular home. If there’s a private pool, then you will be able to jump into the pool whenever you wish and can even enjoy some fun activities using the pool.

2. Brisbane’s Go Karting

A buck’s party isn’t complete until you go on an adrenaline-charged go karting in Brisbane. Outdoor go karting offers a front row encounter with the world of motorsport. Formula one-like karts with throbbing engines and great handling offer a red-hot excitement worth remembering.

Most of the Brisbane tracks will see you cutting bends, winding down hairpins, and catching the wind in speeds of up to 70km/hr in small yet powerful machines. This is one of those bucks day ideas in Brisbane that will give your car-loving friend goosebumps.

3. A Jelly Wrestling Treat

Since its going to be your friends ‘last day of freedom’ as it is often called, you might as well go wild. Treating the groom to a spectacular show of half-naked girls writhing in a pool of jelly pretty much does the trick.

The packages are customizable and may include lingerie and pillow fights, Brisbane's topless waitresses, and wet t-shirt competitions. Such raunchy nights are surely a nice send-off to gift the groom as he edges even closer to tying the knot.

4. Bubble Sports

If you want something a little different from the club and stripper party then bubble sport is a marvellous choice.

It involves suiting up in bubble attire and engaging in a high-contact soccer-like tournament. Little to no rules are involved. You just have to bump and roll your way to victory. In addition, you can record this to help you reminisce such ephemeral moments.

5. An Enthralling Cruise Party

Partying as you drift off-shore in a chic cruise ship with the groom and friends is one of the best ideas for bucks day in Brisbane. The cruise is fully stocked with food, drinks, girls, and all the buck’s party essentials you can think of.

You can choose various settings ranging from laid-back themes to wicked pursuits. The aura of the sea plus the companion of friends makes it a memorable experience for the groom and friends.

6. Book a Private Poker Room

If the groom and friends are poker fans, a private poker room is a perfect idea. Brisbane offers some of the best poker getaways with drinks, food, and gorgeous companions/dealers for such special nights as the buck’s party.

Make the groom’s James Bond fantasies come alive with a poker night to remember. Depending on your budget, packages extend from VIP limo pickups to personalized service to hot live shows.

7. A Beer Escapade

This is one of the classic ideas for buck’s day in Brisbane that will stay in your memories for years. It involves a ride through Brisbane on a tour bus while ducking into all boutique breweries to drink yourselves silly.

After taking in a ridiculous amount of liquor, you get to discover some of the best beer joints in Brisbane. You can stop for an hour for some soul food as you celebrate the groom.


These bucks party ideas in Brisbane will create some great memories in the groom’s mind as he looks forward to the best day of his life. You can combine all or only a few of these ideas into creating a one-of-a-kind travel experience of the lifetime. This doesn’t even have to be limited to a bucks weekend trip, they’re suitable for anyone visiting Brisbane with a group of friends.

Published by Samantha Brown