When you hear “decluttering”, the first thing that comes to mind is cleaning the mess in and around your home. It’s actually more than that. Studies have shown that decluttering can recuperate one’s body and soul, help you not only tidy up your home but also get your life in order. Humans get attached to their belongings, items, and objects which they collect and keep as trophies. If you have a home full of these things you just can’t get yourself to remove, then take a look at these pros and maybe you’ll start changing your life.


Good for the figure


It’s a known fact today that cleaning up your home can burn calories. For example, rearranging your furniture for 25 minutes can take away 100 calories, and vacuuming for 60 minutes will burn around 170. So imagine how many calories you would spend packing things, sweeping, doing the laundry or putting away clothes. You can even add some workout moves to strengthen the muscles or tone certain parts of your body.


Improves your health



The mess in your home is the perfect place for bacteria and pathogens to grow. Dust and dirt in your home contain mold, shed skin, hair, pollen and many other things coming not only from the outside but also off your body. If you are constantly exposed to these deposits, you can get allergies, a weakened immune system, respiratory diseases and develop a chronic illness.  


Store the stress away


Being constantly surrounded by clutter can exhaust you mentally and weigh you down. Watching piled up clothes and stacks of boxes is like staring at a neon sign reminding you that you have unfinished business. Since the relation between anxiety, stress, and clutter is well documented before you start taking sleeping pills and antidepressants, try removing the piled up things stealing your peace of mind. You don’t have to start big, rather step by step and one thing at a time. And soon enough you’ll feel as though something heavy has been lifted off your chest.


More time on your hands



Time has become a commodity these days when the fast pace of life and long working hours consume human existence. That’s why you have to treasure it every chance you get and not waste it on some insignificant tasks like looking for your keys among the mess on your desk or trying to find a clean pair of socks. Once you organize your things - throw away the ones you don’t need, place them in some supercheap storage or just give them away to a charity or friends, you’ll reward yourself with extra time to have fun and relax.


It’s uplifting


Just like cars run on fuel, humans need energy to go about their everyday chores and business. Your energy comes from feeling great and fulfilled, and nobody feels that good when it comes to clutter suffocating their living space. Getting your home in order and organizing your belongings will leave you feeling accomplished and incite you to start resolving issues in your life as well. If you need that spark to get you moving on with your life, there’s no better place to start than from decluttering your home.



Clears your mind


The state of your home is actually the state of your mind. Building up the clutter in your space was a subconscious way to tell yourself that you need to get your life in order. The attachment created with items in your home you believe will give you peace and provide safety from outside stressors, but in reality, it’s a hidden enemy that has hijacked your mind. The best way to get those gray cells going is by making a decluttering plan and then realizing it item by item. Soon enough it will be as though you’ve removed a blindfold from your eyes.


Gives you back your home



Little by little, time after time the ownership of your home has been switched. Now, your things own your home and you’ve become a mere tenant who is allowed to use that space restrictedly. And as this relationship progresses, they will own you, too. Decluttering will help you release yourself from this self-imposed slavery and get your life and home back. True freedom is a myth all humans long for, that’s why you should value the one you can have.


At last



It’s normal to have things in your home. Some are functional, like furniture and appliances, and others are reminders of wonderful times and people we love. There are those which just make us feel good, and also those which help us be better versions of ourselves. But just like there’s a thin line separating love from hate, there’s also a slim distinction between needful and inconsequential things. So when you make a plan to get your life in order, start from your home and everything else will come more easily.


Published by Cate Palmer