It is through the music that you love that can tell more about your personality. In various researches, they have found a great deal in the power of music. Besides, music is also known to affect your behavior-and, even more, you can think. If you love music at 20, be sure to love it for the whole of your life. Some factors may influence the type of music you love. Your parents or an intense emotional experience that occurred in your life influence the taste of the music.

Here are 7 ways of how the research has shown that music improves our lives.


It is through research that has shown that music can help to relax. But, it's not all type of music that can help you relax best. According to Richard Wiseman, if you listen to jazz and pop music, your blood pressure reading is similar with therapeutic effect as total silence.

In contrast, the people who listened to Vivaldi and Pachelbel’s acoustic electric guitars were able to relax fast, and their blood pressure went back to normal in a short time.

2.Improvement of Performance

It is through angry music that your performance can improve. Anger is universally known as something bad, but don’t forget that emotions have positive uses too. If you listen to angry music while playing a video game, you are likely to get higher scores.

According to Tamir and her friends, they learned that people preferred to listen to angry music before they could play soldier of fortune.

3.Music Reduce Pain

It becomes the best time to listen to a favorite song when ibuprofen is not doing the job. It was found to increase the tolerance and control of the pain stimuli significantly.

4. It Gives a Better Workout

Music is the best thing you should have in your iPod as you visit the gym. It will boost your performance when listening to your favorite music. In research, the performance is more significant in preferred music than under nonpreferred music.

5. It Can Help You Find Love

Do you want interest from someone special? Put on and play romantic music. Most women are likely to give men their number after they listen to love songs.

It is through research that showed most women who become exposed to romantic lyrics give their number than the women who become exposed to neutral.

6. Music Improves Work

Does listening to music in an office makes you feel better or distracted? It is an issue that is debated. It has shown to decrease your work performance but makes you happy thus creating a positive impact on your emotions. It also showed that it could make one be creative and with the noise, you can focus.

7. Music Makes One Smarter

There is evidence of music lessons known to improve your IQ.

Besides, if you listen to classical music, you are said to boost your brain power.

In research, when students listened to a lecture for 15 minutes and then sat for a test, they were able to score higher than those who heard a free version of the lecturer.

It has shown that music can make us feel good, and therefore, worth listening. Music can make a person act unethically, be kind, spend more or drink more. It has the power of making you an addict of listening to your favorite music. Through music, an individual can learn more about a person including a political view of the person. It is unfortunate that the rock stars will live fast and die while still young

Published by Charlesa Gibson