Who doesn’t want to lead a happy or peaceful life? All of us do.We all set to go searching for it, when it is right in our hands.If you wish to unveil some of the secret mantras to a happy and blissful life ahead you must adhere to the rules stated below:

1.Leave behind the past and embrace the future:Time is the best healer and there are no wounds that are beyond its recovery.Give it time and make peace with your past so that it doesn’t trouble your future. What has happened cannot be undone, hence don’t let it mess up your present and the coming future. You live once, live it well. There is a lot more for you to achieve and explore.

2. Don’t be image conscious: If you’re too bothered about what people think and feel about you then you’re calling trouble at a higher pace. Be justifiable about your actions and its consequences to yourself and not to others . What people think about you is not your business, because they don’t know you well enough to judge you.

3.Over-thinking is a big NO: You don’t have to solve all the puzzles that you come across. As humans, we at times, tend to over think and assume things in the course of finding answers to many inexplicable questions running in our minds. Most of the times, these assumptions are just an imaginary skill that has no authenticity or realism in it. This can be the most hazardous thought obstructing your road to a blissful life hence, stay away from it.

4.Comparison is the villain: Comparing your life to others just proves that you aren’t happy with your life. You may not have a lot of enviable things that your friends or neighbors own, but , you don’t realize there are numerous other things they don’t possess but, you do. You see things that is shown to you ,hence you don’t realize, and what you see is always not the truth. Comparison does nothing good , instead it creates a destructive competitiveness in you which is definitely not good for you.

5.You are solely responsible for your joy and peace: You choose to create or destroy the bliss in your life. No one apart from you, is solely responsible for the happiness you deserve.There could be a lot of people whose presence create harmony in your life, but, their absence can ruin it twice as stronger as their presence. Prepare for the worst and feel independent about your feelings.

6.Never blame your luck for the bad things in your life:When you bitch about a person, do you expect the person to like you and be with you? Off course, Not! Similarly, when you say that your luck is bad and its not working for you, don’t expect magic to happen. Even the walls have ears! So take it easy, work harder and wait for the best to happen.

7.Have faith: Amongst all the odds happenings in your life, the two end points that sustains ‘your’ survival is ‘your’ faith. Never lose it. Keep that hope going strong for a better tomorrow and all the good things will follow you.

Stay Happy, Be Healthy and Lead a Peaceful life with your loved ones!


Published by Vinitha S