As we, unfortunately, come towards the end of summer motivation may be needed by many of you. Whether you’re starting a new academic year, beginning a new job or simply just need some motivation after a lovely summer holiday, this post will help you become motivated again.

I know I’m definitely looking for some motivation after around two months away from the classroom and, I too, will be using these tips to boost my motivation.

1)      If you have one big goal you’re trying to reach, split it into many smaller ones. Create small steps that will help you to reach your main goal. This will make your main goal seem much more manageable and every time you reach one of your smaller goals you’ll know you’re than one step closer to your overall target. By having these smaller goals instead of one big one it should help you stay motivated as you’re reaching targets on a more regular basis.


2)      Don’t compare yourself to others, success is so personal and something you see as a success someone else might not. Focus on your own goals and don’t let the achievements or comments of other people stop you in your tracks.



3)      Treat yourself. If you do well in something or you reach a target then reward yourself maybe with a film evening or your favourite take away. Remind yourself of all the good things you’re achieving.


4)      Be excited about your goal, think about what it’ll fell like to reach your goal. Read into your goal, talk to others about it or do some research.



5)      Be ambitious but don’t set yourself too much. If you have too many goals and targets you’ll feel so stressed and pressured which will therefore cause you to become unmotivated. Set a couple of targets at once, don’t set yourself up for an unbearable struggle.


6)      Tell someone else about your goal, seek support that can help you to reach your goal. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help to achieve success.



7)      Write small goals on your calendar, write to do lists, have notices everywhere reminding you of the goal you’re trying to reach. Have it as the message on your alarm in the morning, have a motivational quote as your phone lock screen just keep reminding yourself of the goal you’re trying to achieve to keep you motivated.

Published by Jaz (GeneralOnGoings)