Sitting at your desk majority of the day,  slouching while driving, wearing over- weighted backpacks, slouching the head forward while texting or talking on the phone can negatively affect your body,  back, jaw, knees and hips with lots of pain and a long-term damage which contributes to poor postures.

Having this in mind, it's never too late to correct bad posture. A correct body posture can make you look tall,  slim and confident. With these few tips you can have a better Posture.

1) Get Moving

Get up once in a while from your desk,  go for a minute work,  go to the bathroom,  stretch,  get a glass of water, play with the kids,  pets just about anything that will give you an opportunity to move around but remember never bend over but instead hinge from your hips.

2) Build The Muscle in Your Feet

The feet are the foundation for your posture and quality movement.  So go off on high heels and thick soled shoes which are bad for posture.  Try as much as possible not wearing shoes because this builds the muscles in your feet.  When you have a strong feet it means you have a strong body.  Go for a walk in the beach, sand,  grass etc this will help build mobility, stability and strength in your feet.

3) Movement Tips

You can try these movement for the best posture practices: Roll your shoulders down and back,  then you pull your elbows back towards your back pants pockets.

4) Work Out

By working out,  you work on your muscle, this is the time to train your muscle/body to hold itself up properly.

5) Do Stretches

Stretch your neck,  shoulder, back and legs even while seated at your desk.  You can try an easy twist to keep muscles from tensing up in  the same position all day long or try reaching for the sky while lunging.

6) Change your Sitting Position

Even with the best chair with an improper way of sitting you will have a bad posture. You can try by putting a pad under so that your knees are lower than your hips. This helps to keep the correct curvature in your back and neck. While sitting in an office chair, you can sit up straight and align the shoulders,  hips,  ears in one vertical line.

7) Practice Yoga

Yoga helps you to be more aware of the way you stand,  sit or walk,  which also helps you to free yourself of body aches as a result of bad posture.

Published by Promise Okorho