Are you looking for ways to increase the value of your home? You have come to the right place. It should not be too hard, but you need to make it happen by doing a few important things. Here are seven things to do to increase the value of your home before you put it up for sale:

1. A New Coat Of Paint

Although it is just paint, it will help to increase the value of the home tremendously. As they say about love at first sight, it is really the first impression that counts. If you would like the buyers to fall head over heels in love with your home the first time that they see it, give it a fresh coat of paint, make it look dazzling. You can also give the yard fence a touch of paint. Paint is not too expensive, but it has been proven to increase the value of a home tremendously.

2. Replace Your Appliances If You Can

These can be expensive but even if you are going to replace just one, please make sure that you do. Get the best that the market has to offer and then watch and see how it will sweep buyers off their feet. Start with the most visible appliances like the fridge where you can replace an old energy guzzler with a new stainless steel door refrigerator. Matching the appliances such that they are all made of stainless steel should boost the value of your home nicely.

3. Fix Up The Things That Need Repair

Homes have issues that need to be fixed from time to time. However, if you do not know the issues, you cannot fix them. Just hire an inspector to look at your home so that they can unearth all the issues therein and then fix them. If you do not fix them, buyers will use them as their bargain and lower the price of your home too low from the asking price.

4. Give The Bathroom A Facelift

The kitchen and the bathroom are the most popular rooms to buyers. They all want to see the bathroom and so we can assume that they scrutinize it more than the other rooms. If a buyer loves the bathroom, you can consider the home sold. Because a full-blown bathroom renovation can cost and arm and a leg, just do the minor refits, like a new faucet, re-grouting the bathroom tiles and install new lighting.

5. Replace The Front Door

The front door is actually the first thing that the buyers see when they come to your home. It should not cost too much money to replace, but it will have a great effect. Most buyers imagine how the interior looks like if the door can look that great.

6. De-Clutter The Living Spaces

No one can overemphasize the importance of this. Remove all the clutter. If there is excess furniture, remove it and leave as much open space as possible because you want the buyer to see how he/she will fit in their personal items.

7. Invest In The Outdoors

Make the outdoors livable by enhancing the living spaces. Start with the patio, enhance it with pieces of furniture, light it up, paint it in some of the spaces, and generally make it attractive. Clean the outdoors up. If you have a deck, give it a touch of polish, give it a new leash of life.


If you want to sell your home fast, apply the above mentioned strategies to improve the value of the home first. The same strategies can help you sell your home in no time. The idea is simple, just make it look attractive to your potential buyers.

Published by Arina Smith