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East Farewell – The construction of the new train station in the middle of East Farewell is well underway and is expected to be completed before the Thanksgiving holiday which has recently become a very popular time for local families to host big reunions and parties bringing heavy rail traffic to town. The Mighty Keystone Railroad is building the new structure and the overpass which is connecting the existing building. The new station will be much larger and have updated amenities like air conditioning and electric heat. It will also allow hold more people so they won’t have to wait outside on the platform for arriving and departing trains. The original station was built in 1913 when East Farewell was merely a whistle stop and delivery and pickup location for the railways rails and other iron parts from the Iron Works. The Iron Works was built by the railroad to supply rails and machine parts for the railroad. It was located in East Farewell because that is close to the halfway point on the rail system between the east coast cities of Philadelphia and New York and Midwestern Chicago. While East Farewell actually existed before the railroad came through it was not incorporated until the Mighty Keystone Railroad did so in 1902 by the Lendel brothers who were working for the railroad.

            The new construction started at the end of March and has been moving ahead on schedule as per project manager, Nathan Reese. Since the new building is on the other side of tracks across from the original building an overpass has been constructed so workers can get to building site without crossing over the tracks. When the building is finished an underpass, currently under construction will connect the new parking lot with Lake Shore Drive.         

            The original plan was to raze the present station after construction was finished but public sentiment has driven a change in plans. The original building will be transformed into a Railroad Museum with many pieces of historical memorabilia from the Mighty Keystone’s long fabled history. The museum was the idea of the East Farewell Civic Association and Town Manager Tom Connolly. They felt the old building was to historic to tear down and it represented some of the earliest examples of the railroads signature architectural style that was used in most of their buildings all along the line. The public also wanted to keep the old building and were very excited to hear the proposal and equally excited when the railroad said they had accepted the proposal.

Construction of new rail lines and station



East Farewell- The Travelers hosted the league leading Mountain View Explorers on Saturday night and the game went well into the night as the teams played three extra innings before Explorers slugger, Bobby “Hammer” Taxen hit what turned out to be the winning homerun in the top of the 12th inning. It was his second homer in the game. The Travelers were able to get Bobby Watson to second but was stranded when Travelers hero, Johnny Cloos flied out to center. His blast sent Explorers centerfielder, Darryl Davis, back against the wall but he was able to leap and reach the ball for the final, heartbreaking out. The Travelers went down 3-2 in 12 innings. Taxen turned out to be the offensive difference as he has been in so many games, smashing two home runs and setting up the Explorers other run.  

            The game started out as a pitcher’s duel between Explorer ace, Joe” “Freight” Trane and Traveler’s “Perfect” Joe Nagy. Both were excellent through the first six innings and it looked like the game was going to hinge on a defensive gaff by one team or the other. Trane struck out six and Nagy five in the first six neither gave up a walk. Both teams got four scattered hit through the first six innings. Finally in the bottom of the seventh the Travelers were able to crack Trane’s iron grip and score two runs with three hits. Brown, Archibald and Francis did the damage but Trane stayed in and closed out the game. Nagy was not so durable giving up one run in the eighth and the tying run, Taxen’s homer, in the ninth. He pitched the 10th and 11th but could not come out in the 12th when reliever Walter Drummer came in and got two quick outs but Taxen came up and sent a 3-2 fastball out of the park. Trane came out in the bottom of the 12th and looked amazingly strong as he finished off the Travelers after allowing two hits. The hometown crowd was on its feet with Cloos’ smash only to end up disappointed with Davis’ grab.

            The Travelers stay at home next week to host the Slate Mountain Miners on Saturday, the 4th. The game is schedule for an early start of 3:00 in the afternoon. The game should be over and folks should have enough time to make their way over to the Lakefront Plaza or their favorite viewing spot to watch the firework that will begin at 8:00PM



The Senate Rackets Committee injects the names of James Hoffa and one of his aides into its hearings on an airplane deal in which an alleged international gun smuggler became involved.  Hoffa was not present to answer testimony that he had maneuvered to loan $300,000 of his union’s funds to a Cleveland group, which owned the big military cargo planes.

Queen Elizabeth visits Chicago, drawing an estimated two million cheering spectators into the streets, charming the many who met her and crowning it all with a simple speech at a civic dinner.

Prime Minister Ben-Gurion, architect of Israeli independence, beats down a Communist attempt to oust him on a no-confidence vote. But he faces a second parliamentary test over selling arms to Germany that was expected to cause his resignation.

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