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East Farewell – They started appearing on the beach in the early summer. It was said that they came from California imported by cousins of the Mallard family from Los Angeles. Now, in the middle of summer, the public beach in front of the Lakefront Plaza is full of girls and boys swinging their hips around and spinning a multi-colored plastic hoop around their waists. The new device is called a Hula-hoop. Its simplicity is major part of its appeal. The method of making it swing around ones hips seems easy enough for the youngsters but it is comically difficult for the older set. Many parents have been seen tossing the hoop around their waists, swinging their hips to try to synchronize the hoop and their waists and failing completely as the youngsters laugh and point.

            This obvious fad may only last until the end of the summer, if that, but it is giving lots of kids a lot of fun right now. One parent pointed out that all the hip swiveling is probably great exercise. “At least they will have flat tummies when they grow up,” said a parent on the beach.

            There is already talk of setting up a Hula-hoop contest for the middle of August, if the craze lasts that long. Different categories are being discussed, longest hula, most hoops at once different parts of the body hooping and others but time will tell if this fun pastime makes it to August.

 Hula-hoopers on the beach



Cedar Creek – The Cedar Creek Bulls are having a mediocre season this year so to knock off one of the top teams is always a good feeling. The local fans leave happy and the team gets a chance to move up in the standings. Last Saturday the Bulls were able to take one away from the Travelers with a 5-4 win. The Bulls fell behind early when the Travelers came out and scored 3 runs in the second inning. Johnny Cloos was able to smack his lucky 13th homer and drove in both Dunham and Watson. The Bulls were unfazed as they were able to answer with 2 runs in the fourth with a couple of singles by Franks and Duffy and then a strong hit into the right corner by Drake and two runs in the fifth as Lorne Jefferson hit his third homer with Beesly on base. The Travelers tied it up in the sixth with two doubles by Archibald and Sweet, but the Bulls sealed it with a great eighth inning only scoring one run but getting four hits. The one run was enough as the Travelers went down in order in the top of the ninth.

            The Travelers come back home next week to face the Youngstown Steelers. The Steelers are stuck in the bottom of the standings but the Travelers can’t take them too lightly. They just have to look back at this game to know that any team in this league can beat any other team on any given day. The East Farewell Cookoff is taking place next week and some of the Travelers will be judges so they maybe well fed and hopefully they won’t be too full to play. The game is an evening game and begins at 7:05 in the Travelers ballpark.



Vice President and Mrs. Nixon arrive in Moscow. They are greeted warmly by Soviet first deputy premier Koslov. Premier Khrushchev challenged Vice-President Nixon to go ahead and try to convert Russian workers from communism to capitalism.  Vice President Nixon and Premier Khrushchev argued heatedly in public over responsibility for the cold war. Khrushchev accused Nixon of trying to frighten Russia. The face-to-face encounter was at the American exhibit. At one point early in the exchange, Khrushchev said, “Don’t get offended.” Nixon turned to his interpreter, “Tell him I have been insulted by experts. Everything we say is in good humor. We always speak frankly.” As they talked, they came closer to anger. In his speech opening the exhibition, Nixon described the United States, its wealth, its freedom of religion and its political decisions made by the voters.

President Eisenhower tells the Russian people that “it is never too late to build peace with honor and justice.” “I speak for all Americans when I say that we desire nothing but friendship with this dynamic Russian people” Radio Moscow broadcast the message handed over by Vice President Nixon. Vice President and Mrs. Nixon are Premier Khrushchev guests in a spur-of-the- moment banquet invitation. They toasted to peace at the affair.

Teamster’s president James Hoffa is planning to set up a political department in his union to try to defeat Congressmen with anti-Teamster voting recordings… Appearing on “Meet the Press” - Chief Counsel Robert F. Kennedy of the senate rackets committee reels off a list of accusations against James R. Hoffa and challenges the Teamsters president to sue for libel if he could disprove them. On the program, Kennedy charged that Hoffa has “sold out” members of his union, misused union finds, made collusive deals with employers and put gangsters into important union posts. Kennedy invited Hoffa to sue “immediately” and challenge him to agree to realign his union post if he lost the suit. Teamster’s president James Hoffa says he will accept a challenge to sue Senate Rackets Committee counsel Robert F. Kennedy for libel. Hoffa said he had “every intention” of bringing libel action against Kennedy for these charges and for accusations he made last Wednesday on the Jack Paar NBC show. Hoffa says he will also sue the NBC network.

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