Thursday, July 4, 1957   Vol. C627



East Farewell – Lou Myer has said he will start to rebuild his demolished deli as soon as the debris is cleared and all the plumbing, electrical and gas lines have been checked and cleared.  He anticipates the project will begin before the end of the summer. “I would like to get underway as soon as possible, hopefully before the end of the summer. I don’t want to have a lot of construction going on in the winter,” said Meyer when he was interviewed after his announcement at the explosion site.

            The deli exploded last week and was completely demolished. A gas leak is the current suspected cause but the investigation is ongoing. Insurance investigators are on the scene as well as local town officials from city license department and the fire department. Fire Chief, Thomas “Cal” Calhoun, has said the most probable cause was a gas leak but he has also cautioned many from making any hasty conclusions. “We will let the whole process play out. There is no reason to jump to conclusions, no matter how clear they may appear.”

            The community has come to help Lou with his rebuilding. Only one week after the explosion and the fund that was set up for Lou at the local bank has already passed $5000.00. “This is a true blessing,” said Lou, “I am going to get some insurance money but there wasn’t going to be enough to do a complete rebuild. Now, with this gift from all my friends in town I will be able to put it back just the way it was, only better. I love this town and I love all the people here. This has been home to me and my family for more than twenty years and I couldn’t imagine leaving. I am truly blessed to have this great town and my family around me.”

Lou’s Deli before the blast



East Farewell – Corning Glass Works came to town on Saturday and melted the Travelers defense in a stunning 9-1 victory. CGW caught the Travelers completely off guard when they started a new pitcher, Al Perkins, who arrived just in time for the warm-ups from parts still unknown. Perkins walked on the mound and completely controlled the game. He was helped by a very strong offense that seemed to have traveler’s pitcher, Danny Lane, in their sights. While Perkins retired the first 15 batters in order Lane struggled from the start letting up three runs in the first and two in the second. It wasn’t until the fourth the Lane calmed down and was able retire the side without any scores. The CGW nine were not finished with Lane though. In the seventh they scored three more with four hits. They started with singles by Travis and Ruhr then a double by O’Hare and a base clearing single by Davis. In eighth they loaded the bases and slugger Franz Heinz smacked a triple the mercifully ended the scoring. The Travelers were only able to score once in the sixth with a double by Dimero and Arty Archibald driving him in with a bloop single to right.

            “I don’t know what went wrong out there today” said manager Sam Fowler, “but I didn’t like it. Those guys looked like they were unconscious. They are going to hear it from me tomorrow. I give them to night to sleep it off, but they are going to get it tomorrow.”

            We will wait and see if Fowler has any impact on the team. The next game is Saturday at home against the Mountain View Explorers with ace, Joe “Freight” Trane and slugger Bobby “Hammer” Taxen. The Travelers will have their work cut out for them. The game starts at 1:05 at the Ballpark.



The chief of police morals squad in Cairo, Egypt held the widely popular music and dance craze from America is a menace to public morals and ordered all spots to ban it. Quipped one nightclub owner” “Imagine barring rock n’ roll but allowing the belly dance’s wiggles.”

In front of a Senate committee, Bing Crosby describes what he termed the musical “trash” now popular. A commerce subcommittee is investigating allegations by some song writers that BMI attempts to dictate pop music tastes by determining what tunes shall be broadcast.  Crosby continued by declaring “a monopolistic trend in music on the part of broadcasters is certainly apparent... the state of this stuff is surely not accidental, attributable to a radical change in public taste, nor due to a sudden unanimous failure of talent among established song writers... I think it is the result of pressure exerted by BMI.”  (BMI has all the rock ‘n’ roll music).

Readers Digest publishes “The facts behind filter-tip cigarettes” in its latest issue. The article is the first of its kind, with research performed exclusively for the magazine. One of the questions posed is “Do filter-tip cigarettes really protect you against lung cancer?” In the same issue - “The perils of promiscuity” and is described: “promiscuity is habit-forming and can make a shambles of a boy’s entire adult life. Here is how parents can help a son to better appreciate its dangers”.

Ava Gardner unleashes a torrent of unprintable words when 5 of her 30 pieces of luggage turn up missing at New York’s Idlewild airport.


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