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East Farewell – It was a perfect summer evening, mid-60s, not much wind and no clouds. The Fun Pier was crowed and most of the lakefront houses were hosting parties. There were small boats and canoes drifting close the shore. Promptly at 8:00PM a single thud was heard coming from a barge anchored in the middle of the lake and a tell-tale trace of sparkles spiraled upward and the exploded into giant gold chrysanthemum that drifted lazily to the ground, thus started the 1959 July 4th East Farewell Fireworks Display. The display has become the most talked about mid-summer festivity of the entire mid-state area. People come from all over to see the spectacular display that seems to get more spectacular every year. Fireworks International once again brought the show to town. They have put on the display for the last five years and every year they seem to outdo themselves. Last year they moved the launch to a barge in the middle of Lake Charles. This was such a successful move that they licensed the spot and had the Town Council declare a “safe zone” around the barge so no curious boaters would be able to float into danger of falling debris.

            This year F.I. boasted that they had 1,200 explosive capsules of many different flavors. This year F.I. tried a new addition. Pulling from past performances, F.I. floated a temporary platform about 100 yards off the Lakefront Plaza and set up a wonderful ground display. It was estimated that almost 9,000 people attended the event, up from last year and most stayed for the entire weekend giving the town’s restaurants and bars a big boost in sales. On Friday night the Business Association sponsored a Main Street Stroll and Main Street was packed. On Saturday the Travelers took on Slate Mountain in the afternoon, winning 9-2 and in the evening before the display the Regional High Pep Band gathered on Lakefront Plaza and gave a rousing version of “The Stars and Stripes Forever” and a wonderful version of the National Anthem that was an accompanied by the full High School Chorus, all 83 members. Earlier in the evening visitors were treated to a reading of the Declaration of Independence by Regional High School senior and debate club president, Arnold Brenner.

            The display was longer this year, almost 35 minutes, louder and more varied, from multi-colored bursts to loud signature reports. Fireworks International owner, Geraldo Massi, was very happy with the event. “This is one of my favorite events. Everyone here is so great. The Fire Department is so good and so very helpful. This year we really went all out by adding the ground display and we had almost 1,200 capsules, that is by far the most we have ever done. But, I wouldn’t want to do it anywhere but in East Farewell.”

Fireworks over Lake Charles 1959



East Farewell – The Saturday afternoon was perfect for baseball, Travelers baseball that is. It was all Travelers on an Independence Day themed game as they clobbered the Slate Mountain Miners, 9-2. The Miners were without their pitching ace, Tony “Michael” Angelo, but they were unable to generate any offense against Travelers Joe Nagy so even a good pitching outing would not have helped.  The Travelers put on their own fireworks preceding the evenings display by smashing four homeruns in four consecutive innings. The fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh inning were the staging areas for the interesting footnote to team history. In the fourth Billy Sweet unleashed only his third homer of the season and drove in Brown and Archibald. The fifth Bobby Watson drove in Francis and Dunham. In the sixth inning Artie Archibald blasted an out of the park rocket brining in Joey Brown. Finally in the seventh adding insult to injury Joe Nagy hit his first homerun of his career, just over the fence in right field. Miners right fielder, Murry Mounds tried to reach over the fence but his mitt hit a post and the ball sailed over it into the hands of an exuberant young fan who was coincidentally sport a mitt, too. The Miners were able to scrape out two runs on five hits but Nagy was in fine form and ended up striking out nine. The Travelers were able put on a fireworks prelude on Saturday and the adoring fans loved it.

            Next week the Travelers go back on the road as they head up to Riverview to face the Anglers. This will be an evening game in the Anglers beautiful ballpark. The game begins at 7:05PM in Riverview.



A fire near Hollywood at Laurel Canyon raises 48 homes. No injuries reported but several pets are still missing. Damages estimated at over 1 million dollars.

Senate rackets probers hear that James Hoffa plotted to spend $105 thousand of teamster union money to clinch control over the monitors named to check him. One was offered a payoff to “leave.”  In other labor news; Steel industry negotiations collapse with only remaining before a threatened industry strike.

The United States says it will pull its nine jet fighter-bomber squadrons out of France “without further delay” in a nuclear argument with French President de Gaulle. The U.S. argument was that the planes must have nuclear weapons available close at hand. But France has refused to allow stockpiling of such weapons on its soil.

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