If you are a developer, you would know that AngularJS is the most favourable framework for web app development. It is a framework that helps one create applications in a dynamic way. But, in order to achieve that dynamicity in your apps, there are some vital things you would not want to overlook while developing your web app, which can only be taken care of by using some amazing AngularJS development tools. That’s when the question arises, “Which AngularJS development tool to choose?” So, here we are, with the 8 best tools to sought out your troubles!

1. Aptana

Aptana is an open source IDE that enables the developer to test the complete web app in a single environment. Aptana is a base version of Eclipse that supports HTML, Javascript, CSS and many other web services. In order to use Aptana for Angular, all that needs to be done is to just merely add the AngularJS Eclipse extension available at the Eclipse Marketplace.

2. Code Orchestra

Code Orchestra is a front-end tool that enables the developer to write code and save it, which is then implemented automatically in the working application, using a distinct protocol.

3. Jasmine

Generally utilized for behavior-driven development (BDD), Jasmine can be used for test-driven development (TDD) as well, just with a bit of customization. It provides the perfect testing environment for the Node.js projects. Jasmine is usually combined with Karma: Karma as the test runner, and Jasmine as the test framework. One disadvantage of this testing tool is that it finds it hard to determine the browser the test is performed on. That’s where Karma comes to the rescue, to compensate for this drawback.

4. Karma

An exceptional test runner, Karma can be used with JavaScript frameworks other than Angular as well. It is a well-known tool that supports various kinds of testing like, unit testing, end-to-end testing, and midway testing. Karma makes the tedious task of testing way easier as it offers a great testing environment that enables developers to test applications on real browsers and devices.

5. Mocha.js

Mocha.js is an extensible, fast, and feature-rich JavaScript test framework that runs on Node.js and the browser which enables asynchronous testing. This function makes Mocha.js flexible and accurate when it comes to mapping and reporting. This testing tool is typically used for unit and integration testing, along with BDD.

6. Protractor

Protractor is one of the most powerful end-to-end testing tools for Angular. It is a Node.js program which is build on top of WebDriverJS. Protractor runs tests in a real browser that interacts with applications like any normal user would. This dynamic tool is built by combining some remarkable technologies like, Selenium, Mocha, WebDriver, Jasmine, and Cucumber.

7. Sublime Text

There is this one tool that is a boon for developers and makes testing easier than ever: The Sublime Text. It is one of the most preferable testing tools as it adjusts to all kinds of programming conditions, and has customizable code snippet support. Sublime Text is accessible, adaptable, and most importantly, it is quick. No wonder it is such popular among developers!

8. WebStorm

WebStorm is one of the smartest JavaScript IDE out there. It provides huge support for Node.js, HTML, and CSS. With a live editorial manager, WebStorm allows developers to see their coding live without the need of refreshing the page. It works wonders with all advanced technologies which makes it a perfect choice for developers.


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