Droopy shoulders isn’t a good thing in the office, you know? If you are noticing a consistent drop in the outcomes and you are unable to figure out why is it happening, then consider measuring the productivity of your team.

The best approach to revive their energies and motivate them towards the organisation is to think about engaging work away day ideas and organise quarterly team building events. Effective team building exercises can help in building a stronger team, resolving conflicts and creating a comfortable atmosphere inside the organisation.

Read on to learn about result-oriented team building activities that you can utilise:

  • Laser tag

A good old game of laser tag can pump up your adrenaline. Don’t underestimate the outcomes that can come out of a game of laser tag. Apart from encouraging your team to work together, this will also shed off stress and help them come out of the work environment. It’s fun, adrenaline-spiking and a proven team building game.

  • Painting class

This is one of the many relaxing activities that your team can enjoy together. This will help them compete in a healthy manner and get comfortable with each other. It will also encourage useful communication among your employees.

  • Kart racing

It is one of the most adrenaline-spiking team building events in the list. A car race with your colleagues will teach you the importance of a good team, punctuality and valuable efforts. If you and your team lack any one of the three, you will not be able to win the race.

  • Trampoline parks

If you think that trampolines are just for kids, then you are in for some great fun. It is by far the best way for your employees to get out of their work-mindset and enjoy each and every second of their lives. Plan the work away day at a trampoline park and let your employees enjoy their day like kids; carefree and irresponsible.

  • Board game tournament

This is a relaxing, yet super competitive approach towards team building. You can choose any game that you want; depending on the size of your team. Just make sure that it is a game which teaches them how to compromise, how to communicate effectively, how to work together and how to ensure desirable results. Games like Pictionary, charades and cards are some typical examples.

  • Improv workshop

A comedy improv class is an amazing team building activity because it helps your employees understand each other better. It is a fun game which enables them to communicate with each other. As already mentioned above, effective communication can ensure desirable outcomes.

Published by Sarah Williams